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O Hubble Space Telescope It is an unmanned, artificial astronomical satellite that transports a large telescope into visible and infrared light.

It was launched by the US Space Agency - NASA on April 24, 1990. This telescope has already received three NASA space visits for the maintenance and replacement of obsolete or inoperative equipment.

The Hubble Space Telescope is NASA's first mission to the Great Space Observatories - consisting of a family of four Orbital Observatories, each observing the universe at a different wavelength, such as visible light, gamma rays, X-rays and infrared. .

The Hubble Space Telescope viewed from the Space Shuttle Discovery during the STS-82 mission.

The great importance of the Hubble Space Telescope (named after the American astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble who lived from 1889 to 1953) is that it is placed in space, outside the Earth's atmosphere. The light of the stars to reach it need not pass through our atmosphere. All the information we get from a star is in the light that comes from them. The atmosphere always "disappears" with some of this information, which is why professional astronomical observatories are always built on high places.

Even so, a "solo" telescope, which can see a soccer ball 51.5 km away in extremely observable weather conditions, is outperformed about 10 times by the Hubble telescope in resolution. With this resolution, and with the help of computer-made photographic reduction techniques, we can separately distinguish sufficiently bright objects up to two meters apart, like the two headlights of a car on the moon.


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