“Most bacteria have at least one cell wall”

“Most bacteria have at least one cell wall”

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In the first answer to How do we find antibiotics? @Ashafix claims that

Most bacteria have at least one cell wall

Does this mean that there are bacteria with more than one cell membrane? Which are those and how does that look/work? Are there different milieus in the different compartments?


The phrase you quote is a little unclear, but in looking at the page you link to I believe that @Ashafix was referring to Gram-positive (one cell membrane) and Gram-negative bacteria (two cell membranes).

Each type has only one cell WALL, which refers to the structural peptidoglycan layer, which is between the two membranes in gram-negative bacteria, and is much larger in gram-positive bacteria.

The differences between these two cell types are of some interest with regard to the biology of what structures can sit in the cell membrane and how easy they are to work with in the lab, and how easy things are to get across the cell wall (w/r/t @Ashafix's original point).

I agree with @Maximilian that the phrase you quote is unclear, and we can't understand if it's talking about the number of cell walls of about the presence of cell walls:

Most bacteria have at least 1 cell wall, meaning that some bacteria can have more than 1

This is wrong, as @Maximilian explained. But this:

Most bacteria have a cell wall, meaning that some bacteria doesn't have any

Is correct. Tenericutes, a group of Eubacteria, don't have cell wall:

Reading the answer, it's clear that the user was talking about the outer membrane in Gracilicutes.

However, it's good to emphasize that all bacteria have only 1 cell membrane, because the outer membrane is not defined as a "cell membrane" (despite being a phospholipid bilayer):">ShareImprove this answeredited Jun 4 '16 at 3:40answered Jun 4 '16 at 3:31user24284user24284

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