Self-defense techniques according to science

Self-defense techniques according to science

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i've remembered few possible self defense techniques from tv series scenes. im curious about POV on them from people that know human body.

  1. from homeland, Dar Adal squeezing/gripping Max's shoulder, somewhere in between neck and outside end of shoulder. it looked really painful. season 6 episode 11.
  2. again probably homeland but i can't remember details. it was punch into neck. it should make person grasp for air/make problems with breathing for a moment if i remember correctly.
  3. in dexter, dexter punches someone into belly. i remmeber it was outside and he talked about what body part he hit and that it didnt do any damage but send a other person on the ground for a moment.

my questions:

i) what organs/parts of body did it probably affected?

ii) is it real?

Watch the video: Human weapon All in One (July 2022).


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