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Major Brazilian Ecosystems

Major Brazilian Ecosystems

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Brazil has a great diversity of ecosystems. Almost all of its territory is situated in the tropical zone.

Therefore, our country receives a great deal of heat all year round, which favors this great diversity. See the map below for examples of the main ecosystems found in Brazil.

Amazon rainforest

It extends beyond the national territory, with frequent and abundant rainfall. It has lush flora, with species such as rubber tree, guarana, the Victoria regia, and is inhabited by numerous species of animals, such as manatees, dolphins, pirarucu, macaw. To get an idea of ​​the rich biodiversity of these ecosystems, he has so far 1.5 million plant species identified by scientists.

Manatee and rubber tree


The cocais forest is located between the Amazon rainforest and the caatinga. They are woods of carnauba, babassu, buriti and other palm trees. Several types of animals inhabit this ecosystem, such as the scarlet macaque and the cuxiú monkey.