Are there any alternatives to DNA as the hereditary material on Earth?

Are there any alternatives to DNA as the hereditary material on Earth?

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I wonder are there hereditary materials other than DNA deoxyribonucleic acid (may be on different planets).

In addition, I learned in my high school that carbon and silicon are similar. Is it possible to have hereditary materials with silicon replacing carbon.

Why and why not?

First of, depending on your definition of life (which is a matter of philosophy, not science) you may even accept as living something that has not heritable information passed onto 'offspring'. But let's consider only those hypothetical life forms who would have heritable information.

Of course, it is possible for different life forms to use some other mean of transferring heritable information. In fact, there are life forms based on RNA instead of DNA on earth (see RNA virus) and it is even thought by many that life first evolved using RNA and not DNA (see RNA world hypothesis).

To go further in this discussion you should have a look at wikipedia > Hypothetical types of biochemistry (I got the link from @RoniSaiba 's answer).

I suggest a read of this wikipedia article [Hypothetical types of biochemistry].1
From my understanding of bond energies (which are proportional to the stability of a molecule) it seems that Si based compounds are less thermo-stable. Given how planets form from molten states it is more likely that carbon based life evolves first and outcompetes the emerging non carbon lifeforms.

Watch the video: 4. Η ανακάλυψη της διπλής έλικας του DNA 4 1ο κεφ. - Βιολογία Γ λυκείου. (May 2022).


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