4.15: Putting It Together- Chemistry of Life - Biology

4.15: Putting It Together- Chemistry of Life - Biology

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As we’ve just learned, chemistry is essential to life: we are all made of compounds and molecules. Think back to the beginning of this module, where we briefly discussed the term carbon-basedlife. In the video below, we’ll learn about why carbon is so essential to life:

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Occupation Spotlight: Nutritionists

Let’s look back to our earlier occupation spotlight on the nutritionist. You should now be able see how an understanding of chemistry is essential to this job: a nutritionist needs to understand how the body builds complex molecules from the food a person ingests. A nutritionist also should understand how energy is used and moved about in the body. All this requires a basic understanding of elements, their structures, and how they interact.

Watch the video: From DNA to protein - 3D (May 2022).


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