Coincidence that navel is near the womb?

Coincidence that navel is near the womb?

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The attachment point of the umbilical cord in a baby girl is very close to where her own baby would develop. Is there something in the evolutionary history of mammals that explains this, or some anatomical constraint? Or is it just a coincidence?

I would say it is a coincidence because:

  1. the navel is in the same place in males, so if it was there for some evolutionary advantage the charachter would be sexually dymorphic, which clearly is not the case.
  2. I cannot think of any specific function of the navel that is related to pregnancy or delivery (or of a specific function of the navel at all for that matters)

Adam and Eve's nakedness, Noah's nakedness. Coincidence?

God made the perfect garden of Eden uncorrupted. Adam and Eve did something wrong by eating the forbidden fruit. Then, they realized that they were naked.

Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked

Centuries later, sin was rampant. God decided to reset the earth by a flood by killing all mankind except Noah's family. They came out of the ark to a cleansed earth. Then they did something wrong.

Genesis 9:20 Now Noah, a man of the soil, proceeded to plant a vineyard. 21But when he drank some of its wine, he became drunk and uncovered himself inside his tent. 22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father’s nakedness and told his two brothers outside.

Again, the immediate consequence was nakedness. Coincidence? Is there a significance for this?

Different baby positions during pregnancy: What to know

During pregnancy, the developing baby moves into several different positions. As labor approaches, some positions are safer than others.

The ideal position for a fetus just before labor is the anterior position. In this position, the fetus’s head points toward the ground and they are facing the woman’s back.

Most fetuses settle into this position by the last month of pregnancy. The anterior position is also known as a vertex, cephalic, or occiput anterior position.

The anterior position may reduce the chances of complications during pregnancy. Learn more about this and other fetal positions in the womb in this article.

Possible positions of a developing baby in the womb include:

Anterior position

The best position for the fetus to be in before childbirth is the anterior position. The majority of fetuses get into this position before labor begins.

This position means the fetus’s head is down in the pelvis, facing the woman’s back. The fetus’s back will be facing the woman’s belly.

This position means the fetus’s head can be tucked in, allowing the top of it to press down on the cervix, which encourages it to open during labor.

A doctor or midwife may describe a fetus that lies slightly to the left as left occiput anterior or LOA, and one that lies slightly to the right as right occiput anterior or ROA.

Posterior position

The posterior position is also known as the back-to-back position. This is where the fetus’s head is pointing down, and their back is resting against the woman’s back.

In this position, it can be difficult for the fetus to tuck their head in, which can make passing through the smallest part of the pelvis more challenging. This can lead to a slower and longer labor than the anterior position, and may also cause a backache.

A fetus may be more likely to end up in this position if the mother spends a long time sitting or laying down, such as if she is on bed rest.

The back of a fetus’s body is heavier than the front, so a pregnant woman can encourage the fetus to roll into the ideal position by leaning in the direction they want them to move.

Transverse lie position

A transverse lie position is when the fetus is lying horizontally in the uterus. Most fetuses will not remain in this position in the weeks and days leading up to labor.

If a fetus is still in the transverse lie position just before birth, a cesarean delivery will be necessary.

Without a cesarean delivery, there is a risk of a medical emergency known as an umbilical cord prolapse.

When an umbilical cord prolapse occurs, the woman delivers the umbilical cord in the birth canal before the baby.

Breech position

The breech position is when the fetus remains with the head up instead of down in the woman’s pelvis. There are different types of breech position, including:

  • Frank breech: In this position, the fetus’s legs lie straight upward in front of their body, so the feet are near the face.
  • Complete breech: In this position, the fetus “sits” with their legs crossed in front of the body, so the feet are near their buttocks.
  • Footling breech: In this position, the fetus has either one or both feet hanging below their bottom. If a woman gave birth vaginally, one or both feet would come out first.

Reasons why a fetus may remain in the breech position include:

  • too much or too little amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus
  • uterine fibroids
  • an irregularly shaped uterus
  • multiple fetuses in the womb

If a woman is carrying twins, one fetus may be in an anterior or posterior position while the other fetus is in a breech position.

It is safe for a fetus to be in any of the above breech positions while they are in the womb. However, there are some risks if the fetus is still in a breech position when labor begins.

2. The religious significance of the silver cord

From the notes of the Episcopal Daily Lectionaries Online website, comes this translation:

“The golden bowl suspended by the silver cord was a symbol of life the snapping of the cord and the breaking of the bowl, a symbol of death. The pitcher … the broken pulley: another pair of metaphors for life and its ending.”

From the editorial pages of the Christadelphian Tidings website, comes this translation of the silver cord and golden bowl:

“Verse 6 appears to use two metaphors to speak of death. The first is of a silver chord and a golden bowl most likely the bowl was used as an oil light, suspended by a chord. Dying is compared to the breaking of this chord and the crashing of the bowl down to the ground, whereupon it shatters and its light is extinguished. Second, death is compared to a pitcher used to draw water at a well. Death is like the breaking of this pitcher and the pulley which was used to let it down. No more water can be drawn death has conquered.

“It is interesting that both of these images, the symbols of water and light, are used elsewhere in the scriptures as metaphors for life. The consequence of this termination of life is the decaying process by which the dust returns to the earth. The spirit, in a reversal of Genesis 2, “returns unto God who gave it.” This is what death is all about: the shattering of all man’s hope, and the cessation of everything that he was and stood for.”

The most important point in the human body is the navel

The roots of plants are in the earth the roots of the human body are in the soul.

But neither the head nor the heart is the place from where man is connected to his life-energy – and if we do not know anything about those roots then we can never enter the world of a meditator.

…there is
no education
of the navel
in the world.

Then where are the roots of man? Perhaps you are not aware of the place. If even simple and common things are not given any attention for thousands of years, they are forgotten. A child is born in the womb of a mother and grows there. Through which part is the child connected to its mother? Through the head or through the heart? No, it is connected through the navel. The life-energy is available to it through the navel – the heart and the brain develop later on. The life-energy of the mother becomes available to the child through the navel. The child is connected to his mother’s body through his navel. From there the roots spread out into the mother’s body and also, in the opposite direction, into his own body as well.

The most important point in the human body is the navel. After that the heart develops and after that the brain. These are all branches which develop later. It is on them that the flowers blossom. Flowers of knowledge blossom in the brain flowers of love blossom in the heart. It is these flowers which allure us, and then we think that they are everything. But the roots of man’s body and his life-energy are in the navel. No flowers blossom there. The roots are absolutely invisible, they are not even seen. But the degeneration that has happened to human life in the past five thousand years is because we have placed all our emphasis either on the brain or on the heart. Even on the heart we have placed very little emphasis most of the emphasis has gone to the brain.

Only from the navel
can anybody enter
into the soul.

From early childhood, all education is an education of the brain there is no education of the navel anywhere in the world. All education is of the brain so the brain goes on growing larger and larger and our roots go on becoming smaller and smaller. We take care of the brain because the flowers blossom there, so it becomes larger – and our roots go on disappearing. Then the life-energy flows more and more feebly and our contact with the soul becomes weak.

Slowly, slowly we have even come to a point where man is saying, “Where is the soul? Who says there is a soul? Who says there is a God? We do not find anything.” We will not find anything. One cannot find anything. If somebody searches all over the body of the tree and says, “Where are the roots? I cannot find anything,” then what he is saying is right. There are no roots anywhere on the tree. And we have no access to the place where the roots are of that place we have no awareness. From early childhood, all training, all education is of the brain, of the mind, so our whole attention gets entangled and ends up focused on the brain. Then for our whole life we wander around the brain. Our awareness does not ever go below it.

The journey of a meditator is downwards – towards the roots. One has to descend from the brain to the heart, and from the heart to the navel. Only from the navel can anybody enter into the soul before that, one can never enter it.

Normally the movement of our life is from the navel towards the brain. The movement of a seeker is exactly opposite. He has to descend from the brain to the navel.

In these three days I will be talking to you and showing you, step by step, how to descend from the brain to the heart and from the heart to the navel – and then how to enter the soul from the navel.

Today it is necessary to say a few things about the body.

The brain alone
will only take man
towards madness.

The first thing to understand is that the center of man’s life-energy is the navel. Only from there does the child acquire life only from there do the branches and sub-branches of his life start spreading only from there does he get energy only from there does he get vitality. But our attention is never focused on that energy center – not even for a minute! Our focus is not on the system through which we get to know that energy center, that center of vitality instead our whole attention and our whole education is focused on the system that helps to forget it! That is why our whole education has gone wrong.

Our whole education is taking man slowly, slowly towards madness.

The brain alone will only take man towards madness.

[…] The first thing: man’s soul is connected neither to the brain nor to the heart, man’s soul is connected to his navel. The most important point in a man’s body is the navel it is the center. The navel is not only in the center of man’s body but also in the center of life. A child is born through it and his life ends through it. And for the people who discover truth it is the navel which becomes the door.

You may not be aware that the whole day you breathe with your chest but at night your breathing starts coming from the navel. The whole day your chest goes up and down, but at night when you are asleep your belly starts moving up and down. You must have seen a small child breathing the chest of a small child is not moving, it is his belly that is moving up and down. Small children are still very close to the navel. As a child starts growing, he starts breathing from the chest only, and the tremors of the breath no longer reach the navel.

If you are going along a road, riding a bicycle or driving a car, and suddenly an accident happens, you will be surprised to notice that the first impact will be on the navel – not on the brain or the heart. If a man suddenly attacks you with a knife, the first tremor will be felt at the navel, not anywhere else. Even right now, if you suddenly become afraid, the first tremor will be felt at the navel. Whenever there is a danger to life, the first tremors are felt at the navel because the navel is the center of life. The tremors will not happen anywhere else. The sources of life are connected from there, and because our attention is not at all on the navel, man is left hanging in a limbo. The navel center is totally sick, there is no attention paid to it – and there are no arrangements for its development.

There should be some arrangements to develop the navel center. Just as we have created schools and colleges to develop the brain, in the same way some arrangement is absolutely necessary to develop the navel center because there are certain things by which the navel center develops and there are certain things by which it does not develop. As I said, if a situation of fear arises, then it is felt first of all at the navel center. So the more a man practices fearlessness the more his navel will become healthy the more a man practices courage the more his navel center will develop. The more fearlessness grows the more the navel will be strong and healthy and the contacts with life deeper. That is why all the great meditators of the world have considered fearlessness to be an essential quality in a seeker – there is no other significance of fearlessness. The significance of fearlessness is that it makes the navel center totally alive it completely facilitates the total development of the navel.

Beauty and the Navel Center According to Yoga and Ayurveda

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Human body is the most invaluable gift of god and it is our duty to keep it healthy, as this is the basis of a healthy life. A healthy body requires a balanced navel center. The navel is situated at the center line in the middle of the body. According to Yogic science there are nine openings in the body, out of which three openings are important.

Among these chakras or centers, navel has a place in the Manipur chakra or solar plexus. The network of all the main nerves of the body get accumulated at three places, they are brain, heart and navel. Out of these navel is the most important. It circulates energy to the entire body. As per some experts navel is also known as the second brain of our body. Human life and navel: Navel plays an important role in the development, circulation and control of human life. The navel center remains active and alert right from the time of conception (inside mother’s womb) to the last breath of the person.

At the time of death the heart stops beating immediately but the navel co tinues to vibrate up to five to six minutes even after death. If an experienced person is able to establish contact between vital life energy of navel and heart then there is a chance of saving one’s life. It is the navel center of the infant that develops first inside the mother’s womb. Our ancestral energy circulates inside navel, which plays an important role in the growth of our body just like a tree that grows from a seed. The nutritional elements are supplied to the child growinginside the mother’s womb through navel. After the birth of child the umbilical cord connecting the mother and child (at navel) is separated in order to give independence to the child and help him in beginning his or her new life.

The first breath after birth is extremely important. The position of planets and stars in the zodiac at the time of birth helps the astrologers in predicting the future of the newborn child. If due to negligence or otherwise there is a delay in separating the umbilical cord or if the child does not cry after cutting he cord, then the child could suffer from some kind of handicap. Reasons for imbalance of navel: It is difficult to mention the exact reasons for imbalance of navel. There is no specific reason for it in fact there are various reasons.

However there are some important reasons, which are directly related to navel. Out of these, one reason is the fear arising inside the human brain, which directly affects the navel. For example, if a person comes across a lion or some wild animal, it develops fear inside the person and his or her navel will get imbalanced. In other words, navel is also known as the center of fear. Whenever an individual experiences fear due to any reason, the first reaction comes from this point. You must have noticed that some people drink water frequently or have the urge to urinate or pass stools when they are afraid. This is due to activeness of navel. There is a strong relationship between navel and brain.

As the man is becoming more and more modern and materialistic the stress is also increasing, which causes the navel imbalance. Besides there are several other reasons for this imbalance, like lifting heavy weights while playing, eating very spicy food, when the person loses control while walking due to some obstruction or holes on the road, or some physical action, which is done carelessly.

Symptoms of unhealthy navel center:

If the navel is not healthy the person loses the natural glow, the face looks pale, dark spots, pigmentation marks and dark circles are seen on the face. The physical energy reduces and the person feels weak.

A healthy navel produces semen and makes the nerves, muscles active. Unhealthy navel causes impotency.

One of the reasons for menstrual disorders in women is unhealthy navel center.

Navel is deeply related to our digestive system. Imbalance in navel leads to sour belches, indigestion, constipation, loose motions etc.

Imbalance in navel causes sudden weight gains and losses, which affects the physical structure and look of the person. Symptoms of healthy navel center:

Navel is the center for consciousness. Balanced navel is necessary for healthy mind, body and soul.

Balanced navel prevents stomach related problems.

A healthy navel center increases physical energy and brightens the aura of the body. The physical attraction and beauty get enhanced.

A balanced and healthy navel center balances the mind and brain and keeps the person stress free and increases the memory.

A person with healthy navel center remains active and energetic.

Examination of navel center:

The following points have to be kept in mind at the time of testing the navel

Testing with the help of matching heart lines of both palms: First of all, we place the elbows of both the hands on the navel and then join the two hands facing upwards. The tip of the little finger up to the end of wrist is matched to check if the heart lines are matching or not. If both the lines are matching, itindicates a balanced navel, and if the lines do not match then it indicates an imbalanced navel.

Lie down straight on empty stomach in the morning and join the feet. Look at the toes if either the right or left toe appears to be smaller than the other then it indicates an imbalanced navel. Pull the smaller toe to correct it.

Testing with the vibration of navel: Lie down straight on empty stomach in the morning and press the navel with the thumb or finger to feel the vibration like heartbeat. If this vibration is experienced then it means that the navel is balanced otherwise it means it is imbalanced.

Looking at the navel can help in diagnosing the diseases. If the navel is shifted slightly then it could lead to constipation, gastric trouble, burning sensation in heart, sleeplessness, cough etc.

The women could have menstrual problems. If the navel shifts downwards then it could cause stomachache, restlessness or loose motions.

When navel shifts towards left hip:

The person complains of pain and tension on the right upper side of the body and this could affect the liver, gall bladder, abdomen and right kidney. Sometimes the person also complains of pain in lumbar region (waist part) or left leg.

When navel shifts towards left side:

It affects the right side of the body. It causes stiffness in kidneys, intestines along with pain.

When navel shifts towards left side:

It causes pain, tension and stiffness in the right lower part of the body. It affects the pancreas, spleen and left kidney. It could also lead to menstrual disorders in women.

When navel shifts towards right side: It causes pain and tension on the lower side of the body. It affects liver, gall bladder, and left kidney along with intestinal problems.

Methods of balancing the navel:

There are various methods of correcting the positionof navel center. These methods should be adopted after three to four hours after taking meals or on empty stomach.

Take a cloth, big enough to cover the navel from all sides. Soak it with rapeseed oil and pour a few drops in the navel and place the soaked cloth on all sides of the navel. Do this once a week.

Navel can be corrected with Yog practice also. Practice Uttanapadasana, Nabhyasana, Dhanurasana, and Matsyasana to maintain the correct position of navel. Uttanapadasana: Lie down and relax the body. Raise the legs up to 30, 45 and 60 degrees in three instances. Breathe in while going up and breath out while coming down. Do not bend the legs at knees, stretch out the toes completely. This can be done with one leg at a time or both legs simultaneously. Dhanurasana: Lie down on stomach and hold the ankles with both hands. The shape of the body in this position looks like a bow, hence the name Dhanurasana. Sometimes this asana is also done sitting in Vajrasana and bending backwards to hold the ankles. Nabhyasana: This asana balances the navel, and is effective in making it energetic. Lie down on stomach and stretch the hands on either side and similarly stretch the legs wide apart. Do Poorak and raise the navel area. Then raise the legs and hands up to one foot. Raise the chest and head forwards. Bring down the hands and legs when you want to breath in. Sit straight and stretch the legs. Bend the right leg and place it on the left knee. Try to touch the floor with right knee, repeat it at least five times but do not do in excess. Similarly repeat it with the left knee. This exercise is useful for balancing the navel.

Lie down straight without a pillow, raise the legs straight upwards at an angle of 90 degrees then bring down the legs. Practice it five to six times in the morning on empty stomach.

Lie down straight and breath out, breath in and blow the stomach. Remain in this position for as long as possible. Repeat it four to five times to keep the navel healthy.

A traditional method to correct navel position is still used in the rural areas. The patient is made to lie down straight and a lamp is placed on the navel. A brass or steel glass is reversed and placed on lighted lamp. The glass is pressed to give pressure the lamp will go off when a vacuum is created. This pressure balances the navel. Nowadays, synthetic clothes are in fashion, therefore it is necessary to take some precautions at the time of practicing this.

This is the best method to balance the navel, which creates vacuum and this pressure is used to set the navel position.

Pressing the navel reflex point on hands or placing a star magnet on navel is also effective.

The pregnant women or those people suffering from cancer, appendicitis, ulcer etc. should not be treated for navel balance by directly touching the stomach.

1. Apply rapeseed oil on all sides of the navel, massage with light hands to circulate vitamins in sufficient quantity, this keeps the body beautiful and gives pink colour to lips. It also makes the body energetic.

2. In case of shifting of navel or pain, mix 20 gm each of jaggery and aniseed and eat on empty stomach in the morning.

3. Pour ginger juice on navel and massage the area to control loose motions and also to cure all stomach diseases.


On October 19, 1988, a spacecraft from the planet Tencton crash-landed in California's Mojave Desert just outside of Los Angeles. The six-mile-long slave ship Gruza was transporting 250,000 Tenctonese especially bred and genetically engineered for hard labor in any environment. The slave ship's overseers, identified by jagged wrist tattoos on their arms, used hallucinogenic nerve gases to induce fear and keep the slaves submissive. They also exploited the slaves' culture and mythology by personifying the roles of Tenctonese "demons." Because of the hallucinogenic gas and the intertwining of their cultural mythology and their condition of slavery, several years would pass before the Tenctonese could even remember there having been anyone on the slave ship to rebel against, or even that there had been attempts by slaves to rebel, such as the Udara faction.

Despite the Overseers' attempts to subdue the slaves, a vibrant culture managed to survive the voyage. The Tenctonese Elders functioned as a government-in-exile, and there was a recognized resistance force, as well as an extremist resistance faction called Udara, which "seeded" its own members as well as children on the slaveship with programming activated by post-hypnotic suggestion which turned the "seeded" individual into a programmable killing machine.

The overseers arbitrarily punished innocent Tenctonese in retaliation for Udara's actions. Because of this, feelings about Udara were mixed. Some considered them heroes, while others considered them no better than the Overseers.

Initially the U.S. government quarantined the aliens for several months and with the assistance of the Immigration and Naturalization Service each slave was given a human name. Most of the first Tenctonese to be processed, received "normal" human names. However, as the aliens continued to pour in, INS workers became bored and overworked, and at times chose whimsical names, reflecting historical or literary characters and geographic settings. Some examples: Albert Einstein, Wyatt Earp, Betsy Ross, Buster Keaton, Madame Bovary/Emma Bovary, Silas Marner, Kenny Bunkport, Norman Conquest, May O'Naise, Sam Francisco, Phillip Dirt, Polly Wanakraker, and Paul Bearer.

After being released from quarantine, the majority of the Tenctonese settled in an area of Los Angeles that became known as Little Tencton (or, abusively, Slagtown). They assimilated into American culture, becoming known as "Newcomers," taking jobs wherever their individual talents might lie and becoming just another minority in the city.

The Newcomers are hated by some humans, self-proclaimed "Purists" who fear the alien presence on the planet. These people use the pejorative term "slags" or "spongeheads" or "rubberheads" when referring to these interstellar refugees, who in turn derogatorily call humans "terts." Like any other minority group, the Newcomers face a daily battle just to maintain their civil rights.

Very interesting and I want more knowledge about chacras.

The third chakra is said to be at the solarplexus. However this chakra is linked to willpower. Ok that is easy to test. Take a car with the brake off and try to push it for a few yards. Now focus on your solarplexus and push it for a few yards. Did this go very much more easy?
Now focus on the point 2 fingers below your navel. Push the car for a few yards where you get your power from this point. How did you do? I can guarantee this went much more easy. This is the point linked to your second chakra and that is linked to sexuality. But is sexuality is that not better linked with the reproductive organs and not with willpower. So in that case the seccond chakra would, logically, be located near the reproductive organs (for women the point 2 fingers below the navel is a erogen point and so cofused with sexuality. For males however this point has no real meaning towards sexuality. Woman have 9 erogen points and males only 3. The chakra system for males and females is the same, some polarities differ, but the chakra’s are at the same positions ore very very near to the same positions). Hey but the first chakra is located there. But the first chakra is linked with the earth. Would it not be logical that the first chakra is located at the base of the spine?
If you have awakend your kundalini energy and you can let it flow upward this will happen: It starts at the base of the spine and will move up to your reproductive organs, there it accumulates until it moves to the next chakra under the navel. And again it will accumulate then it moves upwards and does not stop for a while until it reaches the heart chakra. There it will accumulate again until it moves upward agian to the throat.
Hmm no stop at the solar plexus. There is a little chakra at the solarplexus but not the main one. The main chakra’s are connected to the kundalini channel. the first is at the base of the spine, the seccond at the reproductive organs (it is very close to eachother and because of that and taboo skipped) the third one is located two fingers below the navel. The fourth at the height of the heart in the spine. The fifth in the throat. The sixth at the third eye and the seventh a little abouve your head.

just who (truthfuly) discover the 3rd eye?

How do I begin, I have my stones now do I meditate or what do I do to begin.?

Meditation is food of the chakra.

Meditation is the key to break all the chakars.
But if that seems to be hard, you can even start bylistening to hymns and praises of god also reciting the praises in your mind all the time.

Doing so will give you a base to begin meditation.

join isha foundation of sadhguru. You need a proper guru or teacher for such accomplishment.

I want to know which chakra is need to awakens first. Can i start with ajna chakra.Because i daily meditat with ajna chakra

the lower chakras support the upper ones.
This means if you have good root chakra it will strengthen the sacral chakra immediatley.
They are connected through the astral-spine.
You need to be grounded and stable (root chakra) to be able to fully feel (sacral chakra).
Feeling your body and emotions gives you a sense of (your)self. You know what you want. (solar plexus chakra)

When these conditions are met it should be a lot of easier to open your heart chakra than if your lower chakrs were deficient or blocked. You become not only aware of your own feelings but of those around you as well.

Dear sir,
Every person at his birth time the chakra and initiation of mind by divine bliss energy is done so you need to activate the particular chakra and then after doing meditation or concntrating on that chakra in a relaxed free way where your body and mind co-operates with each other .You can move to the higher intellectual form of birth.

Where did chakra clearing come from? The one where your hand moves counterclockwise and then clockwise until the crown where its clockwise to start(for men) and counterclockwise to start(for women). Can one use this method along with Reconnection and MAtrix ENergetics to be very healthy so they never go to hospital or ER and keep all their faculties in old age and dont need a nursing home?THank you Please email back Thank you

Bill Tompkins: Draco Aliens Helped Nazis To Destroy Humans, Nordics Helped US To Start Apollo Program

William Tompkins was one of the most secretive scientists in the United States. Tompkins first designed sea ships and then spaceships. In July 2017, at a press conference, he made an unprecedented statement. He worked for the Douglas Aircraft Company with aliens. It was 4-7 years before NASA appeared. Two years before the interview, he wrote a book about working together with an alien civilization, and it shocked the world. Journalists hunted for the engineer, demanding to talk about the role of alien intelligence in a secret space program.

Bill Tompkins

In addition to these statements, Tompkins claimed that during World War II, the Nazis received technology from aliens, due to which they were able to build huge underground factories in Antarctica. Thousands of workers were taken there and in these factories, they made flying saucers.

Tompkins said that those technologies were transferred to Germany by the Draco civilization (alien civilization). They built spaceships in Germany trained the Germans during the war. Draco’s plan was to eliminate humans on Earth.

A month after the shocking conference, William Tompkins passed away.

At first glance, all his statements are fantastic. But there are several facts that suggest that Antarctica is still hiding some terrible secret.

In 1947, American naval officer Admiral Richard Byrd, together with a squadron of 13 warships, sailed to Antarctica. And the reason for the expedition was the secret documents found in the archives of the Nazi Navy General Staff.

According to them, starting from 1938, under the ice of Antarctica, the Germans settled a new land, Swabia. A huge transport ship was built to deliver goods there. Dozens of submarines were involved in the operation, and highly qualified specialists were sent to the base without the right to return back.

In 1945, after the defeat of Hitler, US intelligence officers discovered a number of documents. They confirmed that Germany was indeed exploring the under-ice space of Antarctica.

After the war, the Americans landed in Antarctica and began building an airfield. But instead of 6 months, their expedition lasted a couple of weeks. Admiral Byrd did not take seriously the warning about possible encounters with UFOs. And when mysterious objects appeared in the sky, they opened fire on them. As a result, the squadron lost several submarines and several escort ships. Half of the planes were shot down. And two aircraft carriers were forced to turn back.

After returning, all journals, diaries, records, documents were seized and classified.

Over time, most of the German developments and German scientists ended up in the United States. In this case, the assumption is quite realistic that the Americans still managed to come to an agreement with the aliens, and the secret bases of the fascists in Antarctica at the end of the 40s came under US control.

Tompkins said that three aliens had landed in Las Vegas. He spent two weeks with them and then moved to Douglas. One girl was a specialist in engines, another was in charge of contacts with him. And there was also a guy that helped them. Because of this meeting, the Apollo program began.

Bill Tompkins: Nordics helped the US to start the Apollo Program

American newspapers in the late 40s of the last century were full of information about UFO sightings. Byrd’s expedition was curtailed on March 3, 1947, and articles began to appear in the press as early as mid-May 1947, so this is an interesting coincidence.

According to Tompkins, two forces from different parts of the galaxy helped them. These aliens are collectively called Nordics.

But why is nothing visible in Antarctica from satellites? And here, the researchers made the assumption that these objects are hidden from the eyes of earthlings in a parallel world.

#7 Mount Kailash – The Crown Chakra

This holy mountain has been worshipped by many religions for centuries

What: A holy mountain for centuries for four religions: Bön, Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainist, mother earth’s Chakra Sahasrara is the Chakra of truth and connection with divinity. Typified by the colour violet, the 7th Chakra’s physical locale is about ultimate enlightenment. Every year thousands of devotees make a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash where it is believed that if you circumambulate the peak (a 52 km trek) it will bring you good fortune. As the highest of earth’s Chakra centres, Mount Kailash also enjoys it’s fair share of controversy with conspiracy theorist (and new-agers) claiming the mountain is a man made pyramid hiding government secrets. Whatever you believe, the energy and significance of the mountain to mankind should rank high on the spiritual bucket-list.

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