Ticks hitching a ride on a fly?

Ticks hitching a ride on a fly?

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Recently, my brother has been bothered by some particularly aggressive houseflies.

According to him, when these flies are squished, there is often a clacking noise, and then small arachnids come crawling off or out of the body (it's unclear which).

He recently managed to take pictures (see hereunder) where two of the things are in view, and I tentatively recognized them as ticks.

Apparently the clacking noise is produced when the arachnids are squished. Are these actually ticks ? And is this normal behaviour ? I haven't managed to find anything about ticks hitching a ride on flies, but I don't have any other ideas.

If it helps, he lives in Brittany, in western France.

Edit : For scale, the fly in the pictures was a little below 1cm long

Without a close up examination of the subjects, which would require microscope images or a decent macro image it is impossible to identify these creatures with any certainty to the level of species. With that in mind I will give an attempt at an answer.

These creatures are not ticks, they are almost certainly mites. Mites are of the subclass Acari within the Arachnida (spiders and scorpions also belong to this class). Ticks also belong in the Acari, so they are closely related to mites and quite similar morpholgically.

Mites are quite diverse, but generally less than 1 mm (0.039 inches) in length and are very diverse in what they feed on, ranging from being decomposers in the soil, to grazing algae in water, to feeding on plants and parasitising animals. As humans we have a particularly odd one (to me at least) called Demodex that lives in hair follicles, eating the sebaceous (oily) secretions and dead skin cells from around the hair.

For insects I believe (with no certainty, experts please weigh in) that the majority of mites are parasitic, feeding on the insects hemolymph (blood equivalent for insects) by puncturing the seals at the joints in the exoskeleton. Incidentally, you can see some mites feeding on the legs of the crane-fly in this SE Biology post.

In the case of the OP we are likely looking at a parasitic mite of the common house fly (Musca domestica, which have left the now dead insect as their food source is no longer supplying food.

Flies do have a common mite species Macrocheles muscaedomesticae, which is a mite that feeds on the eggs, and to some extent the larvae of the house fly and several other species of fly, and may also be associated with a range of other insects (see Biology Ecology sections here). The mite is found world-wide and is believed to be distributed on the adult flies. It is uncertain if the mite actually attaches to the adult fly while it is being carried.

There are several species in the Macrocheles genus, which all parasitise in a similar manner to M muscaedomesticae. There are also a few other species of mites that seem to parasitise house flies, including Poecilochirus species, but these are less species-specific as far as I can tell.

The Spotted Lanternfly – Another Quarantine?

The last time the media found out about an invasive Asian insect, we were subjected to horrifying tales of Murder Hornets. Never mind the fact that there were only a few Giant Yellow Hornets spotted in North America…or that mosquitoes are a far more dangerous problem for human beings.

Unless you’re in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you probably haven’t heard about the Spotted Lanternfly. But this invasive Asian insect is forcing people indoors even more than Coronavirus. And masks don’t help prevent this problem’s spread.

Hitchin’ a Ride

To be fair, these bugs are much more a problem for plants than humans. But since they feed on more than 70 plant species and reproduce rapidly, scientists want to stunt the scale of the problem.

The Spotted Lanternfly is known as a fantastic hitchhiker. Since they can’t fly long distances, they attach themselves to cars or boats to move around. The bugs are native to China and South Korea, but originally traveled to Pennsylvania on a shipping vessel. From there, they’ve spread to most of that state as well as neighboring New Jersey.

Government officials are warning residents of several counties in both states to check their cars before they leave home or work to make sure they aren’t taking some stowaways with them.

Fly Away

Thankfully, there’s very little chance we’ll see the Spotted Lanternfly anywhere in Southern Florida. The same can’t be said for fruit flies, horse flies, blowflies and house flies. All of those we’ve seen and dealt with in our clients’ properties.

The good news is, our most popular service handles all of the top creepy crawlies that are found in people’s homes on the Gulf Coast of Florida. And it’s the safest and most effective insect treatment you’ll find. Try our Go Green Perimeter Plus, or upgrade to our Term Assure 365 – with world class termite protection. For more information or to schedule your first visit, just give us a call!

Hitchin’ a ride: Stray penguins probably reached northern waters by fishing boat

Guy Demmert got quite a surprise when he hauled a fishing net into his boat off the coast of southeast Alaska in July 2002. There among the salmon, in living black and white, was a Humboldt penguin, thousands of miles from where any of its kind should have been.

The flightless bird appeared to be healthy and in good condition, and Demmert snapped its picture before turning the bird loose.

It wasn’t the first sighting of a penguin in Alaskan waters. In fact Demmert himself reported seeing one while fishing in 2001, and in 1976 a research cruise in the Gulf of Alaska recorded the sighting of “brown penguins.”

So how is it that birds that swim rather than fly and live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere turned up deep into the Northern Hemisphere? Did they migrate more than 5,000 miles from Peru? That’s doubtful, say two University of Washington biologists. Were they the remnants of efforts to introduce breeding penguin colonies into the Northern Hemisphere? Probably not. Did they escape from zoos? Not likely.

The most probable explanation is that the creatures were hauled aboard boats — probably fishing boats — in southern waters and were kept by the crews as the vessels traveled far to the north, then were released, concludes a new research paper by Dee Boersma, a UW biology professor noted for her penguin studies, and Amy Van Buren, a UW doctoral student in biology.

“The crews keep the penguins as pets on board the boat. They’re appealing,” said Van Buren. “People keep them around because they’re so cute.”

The Humboldt is one of 17 penguin species, and is sometimes referred to as the Peruvian penguin because it typically lives along the coasts of Peru and Chile. The Galapagos penguin is the only species that lives north of the equator, and that is only because Isabella Island, one of the Galapagos Islands where the species lives and breeds, lies partially north of the equator.

There were efforts in the early to mid 20th century to establish breeding penguin colonies in the Northern Hemisphere, mostly in Scandinavia, the researchers noted, but after nearly a decade all the penguins had been killed by predators, died by other means or disappeared.

Northern sightings of penguins in the wild have been rare. There was a report of a single Humboldt penguin off British Columbia’s Queen Charlotte Islands in 1944 one was reported near Long Beach, Wash., in 1975 three sightings of one to three Humboldts off the coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., were recorded in 1978, with pictures published in local newspapers and a single penguin was reported off the Washington coast in 1985.

“People have always tried to move species around, and that’s particularly true for penguins because people like penguins,” Boersma said. “They’re still regularly kept as pets in villages in Peru and Chile.”

She noted that it is not uncommon for people in the north to mistake some native birds, particularly murres and auks, for penguins. Those birds occupy the same ecological niche in the Northern Hemisphere that penguins do in the south.

But in their paper in the June edition of the Wilson Journal of Ornithology, the researchers point out that the south lacks a particular type of predator — bears — that would make penguin survival difficult in the north.

They say it is unlikely the Humboldts swam from Peru to the Pacific Northwest, in part because it would mean traversing climate conditions the birds are not well equipped to handle.

There also isn’t much chance the birds spotted in the wild were zoo escapees, the scientists said. Penguins used to be brought to North American zoos from the south on a regular basis, but those shipments stopped in 1972 with the adoption of international regulations that halted much of the trade. Since then, they said, zoos in the United States have bred penguins in captivity and managed their penguins as one large population, moving individuals from specific zoos to reduce inbreeding. It would not be easy for the birds to escape to the wild from a zoo.

“Most zoos use some kind of flipper tag, so a penguin that escaped from a zoo should be able to be identified pretty easily,” Van Buren said.

She added that the more recent sightings could all have been the same birds, since penguins have been known to live 30 years in the wild.

“They could potentially, if they were young birds when they came north in the 1970s, have lived long enough to have been seen in Alaska in 2002,” she said.

"When I Come Around" (1995)

"When I Come Around" was the fourth single from Green Day's breakthrough album Dookie. The easily-singable chorus helped it become the group's biggest pop radio hit of the 1990s. Lead vocalist and songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong considers it a highly personal song. It was written about the frustration both he and his then-girlfriend, later wife, Adrienne Nesser felt about how much time he had to spend on the road with the band. "When I Come Around" hit #1 at alternative radio and #2 at mainstream pop radio.

Mark Kohr, who previously worked with the group on "Basket Case," directed the music video. It shows the band walking around locations in San Francisco and Berkeley, California. Green Day performed "When I Come Around" at the 1994 Woodstock Festival.


This cutie is hitchin’ more than a ride, and the guy is all-too-happy to help her out!

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    By Howard Meyerson BELDING, MI — Trish Taylor had inkling that hunting would be fun. Her husband hunts. They share a bird dog too. So, when the opportunity arose, the 35-year-old public relations specialist from Allegan decided to pull the &hellip Continue reading &rarr

    Backpacking stoves are one of my favorite pieces of gear. I have to confess to owning many, going back far too many years. But this simple approach to cooking, using nothing but twigs, has a lot of appeal. Philip Werner &hellip Continue reading &rarr


    The first appearance(s) of a symbiote occurs in The Amazing Spider-Man #252, The Spectacular Spider-Man #90, and Marvel Team-Up #141 (released concurrently in May 1984), in which Spider-Man brings one home to Earth after the Secret Wars (Secret Wars #8, which was released months later, details of his first encounter with it). The concept was created by a Marvel Comics reader, [1] with the publisher purchasing the idea for $220. The original design was then modified by Mike Zeck, becoming the Venom symbiote. The concept would be explored and used throughout multiple story lines, spin-off comics, and derivative projects. [2]

    Fictional history Edit

    Symbiotes were originally created by an ancient malevolent primordial deity named Knull. When the Celestials began their vast plan to evolve the universe, Knull, seeing that his "Kingdom" was being touched, retaliated by constructing All-Black, the first symbiote, and cut off a Celestial's head. Then, the other Celestials banished Knull, along with the severed Celestial head deeper in space. After that, he started using the head's cosmic energies as a forge for the symbiotes, where they developed the weaknesses of sound and fire. The head would later become interdimensional crossroads and laboratory Knowhere. [3] Knull then embarked on a campaign of genocide against the other gods. [4] When battling them he crashed on a desolate planet where All-Black left him and went to Gorr, drawn to his murderous hate, who tried to kill Knull. [5] Knull later reawakened and created an army of symbiotes that he used to conquer planets and devour entire civilizations, and in the process, establishing the symbiote Imperium. However, when a dragon-like creature journeyed to the medieval Earth, Thor defeated it and destroyed the connection between Knull and the symbiotes. Subsequently, the symbiote hive-mind began to explore notions of honor and nobility as they bonded to benevolent hosts. The symbiotes subsequently rebelled against their god, imprisoning him at the heart of an artificial planet in the Andromeda Galaxy they called Klyntar, which became their species name. Ashamed of their dark past, the symbiotes desired to spread and maintain peace throughout the Cosmos by seeking out worthy hosts from various species in order to create an organization of noble warriors. [4] However, these altruistic goals were imperfect, as the Klyntar symbiotes could be corrupted by hosts with harmful chemical imbalances or problematic personality attributes, turning them into destructive parasites who would spread lies and disinformation about their own kind in order to make other peoples fear and hate the Klyntar species as a whole. [6]

    The corrupted Klyntar became more widespread than their benevolent counterparts, establishing a spacefaring culture dedicated to infecting and overtaking whole planets and reestablishing the Imperium. These symbiotes forced their hosts to perform death-defying feats in order to feed off of the resulting surges of hormones like adrenaline and phenethylamine. These hosts would die quickly, either because of the wear from constant stress and exertion or as a result of the inherent danger in the stunts performed. [7]

    At some point it was believed that a symbiote-run planet was devoured by Galactus. Due to their genetic memory, all symbiotes now loathe both Galactus and his former herald, the Silver Surfer, [8] but it was later revealed that their loathe for the Silver Surfer was because he had time traveled to a time where the Klyntar were rebelling against Knull and the Silver Surfer had the God of the symbiotes bleed. [9] ZZZXX, a symbiote with a predilection for eating brains, was also captured by the Shi'ar, and imprisoned and studied for years until it was released and employed as a Praetorian Guard by Gabriel Summers. [10] The corrupted symbiotes had invaded the Microverse and tried to absorb the Enigma Force, but they were defeated by the avatar of the force, after they had caused destructive effects on this world and its people. [11] One member of the symbiote race had arrived on the Savage Land, where it remained trapped for years to the point of madness and bonded to Conan, during a confrontation between the Savage Avengers and Kulan Gath. [12]

    During the Kree-Skrull War, the Kree wanting to replicate the Skrull's shapeshifting abilities, they acquired a newborn symbiote which had been outcast from the other symbiotes, on the planet where Knull had created them. [13] They recruited Tel-Kar to be bonded to the young symbiote and modified both Tel-Kar and the symbiote so he could have full control over it. He infiltrated into the Skrulls using the symbiote's shapeshifting ability, but got discovered. He deleted the symbiote's memories and separated himself from it. [14] The symbiote then reunited with the parasitic symbiotes, while retaining little memory of its first host. When the corrupted symbiotes found out that this symbiote wanted to commit to its host rather than exploit it as they tended to do, they decided that it was it insane and trapped it in a canister to be condemned to die on a planet that would later become part of Beyonder's Battleworld, [ citation needed ] where it would be encountered by Spider-Man in the 1984 miniseries Secret Wars. In that story, which saw the heroes of Earth transported there to battle their archenemies, [15] Spider-Man sought to repair or replace his tattered costume, which had been damaged in battle, and was directed by Thor and Hulk to a device in the alien compound that they had come to use as headquarters. Mistaking the device in which the symbiote was imprisoned for the device Thor and Hulk mentioned, Spider-Man activated it, freeing the symbiote, which appeared before him as a black sphere that enveloped his body, taking on the form of a black version of his costume that could respond to his mental commands. From this Spider-Man assumed that the device produced clothing designed to do this. [16] At the conclusion of that miniseries, he returned to Earth, not knowing that the new costume he acquired was an alien being who desired to permanently bond itself to him. [17] Spider-Man returned to Earth with the symbiote, where after discovering that it was an alien lifeform that wanted to bond with him, he managed to separate himself from it by using sound waves to hurt the creature, which took refuge in a church's bell tower. It later bonded with Eddie Brock, who went to the church, with a despondent and vengeful after his journalism career was destroyed after he incorrectly identified the serial killer known as Sin-Eater as a man who later turned out to be a compulsive confessor, a turn of events he blamed on Spider-Man. In bonding with the symbiote, the two became the being known as Venom. [18] During this time, it spawned seven offsprings and a clone, its first child later having three of its own, all of the symbiotes being Carnage, Scream, Lasher, Phage, Agony, and Riot. [ citation needed ]

    The Venom symbiote eventually becomes too much for Eddie to handle and he separates himself from it. This separation causes a telepathic scream that is heard by the other corrupted symbiotes who then invade Earth. Eddie, Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider team up against the invasion. The battle comes to an end when Eddie rebonds with Venom causing another scream, this time making the symbiotes commit suicide.

    When bonded to Flash Thompson as part of Project Rebirth, who originally struggled to control it, the symbiote developed a slight affection for him. [19] It is later established that the host's mental state affects the symbiote just as much as the other way around, [20] as Venom's first child, the Carnage symbiote is as psychotic as its host Cletus Kasady and the Venom suit's explosiveness got worse after bonding with Angelo Fortunato and Mac Gargan after Brock, both of which were career criminals. Likewise, the various symbiotes bonded to heroes are not shown to be as twisted, though they occasionally struggle with aggression.

    A swarm of Brood that had been overtaken by symbiotes later invade the S.W.O.R.D. satellite and possess all of its inhabitants, including Deathbird with her unborn child, in order to expand the symbiote Imperium, but Spider-Man, who got bonded to a second symbiote, and his class from Jean Grey's School defeat the symbiotes. [21]

    The Klyntar were later raided by the Poisons with help from Haze Mancer – a symbiote poacher – resulting in the apparent death of the Agents of the Cosmos and the abduction of all the symbiotes. [22] The abducted symbiotes were later modified by the Poisons so they could use on the superheroes on Earth in order for the Poisons to consume. After the defeat of the Poisons, the surviving symbiotes were returned to Klyntar. [23]

    When the body of Grendel, the dragon-like composite symbiote defeated by Thor, is discovered on Earth,. [24] This reawakens Knull enough to allow him to control the creature, before it was stopped by the combined efforts of Venom and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) [25] and later incinerated by Eddie, denying Knull the chance to escape Klyntar. [26]

    After some months, a cult got hold of Cletus's damaged body – after being free from the Poison shell and falling through the atmosphere – inside a chamber and had planned to revive him by using the Grendel's remnants which they stole from Maker. [27] This cult, who worships Knull and Carnage as Knull's prophet, was led by Scorn. They implanted the remnants inside Cletus reviving him and at first he resembled Ancient Venom (Venom possessed by Knull), until the Carnage pieces were absorbed by the ancient symbiote and got Scorn's remnants by killing her. When Cletus came in contact with Knull, he got a new purpose and that was to free Knull and the only way left was to get every single Codex – the symbiote remnants containing the genetic information of the host – left inside the bodies of every single host, dead or alive who came in physical contact with the symbiotes on Earth in order to overload the symbiote hive mind and scatter the Klyntar. [28]

    Knull slowly began reawakening as a result of Carnage's efforts on Earth and the symbiotes of Klyntar began succumbing to his control once more. When Sleeper was drawn to Klyntar, the symbiotes attacked and tried to assimilate it into the hive-mind. Escaping, Sleeper realized that Eddie was in danger and returned to Earth as quickly as it could. When Knull fully awakened, he destroyed Klyntar and seized control of its constituent symbiotes, coalescing them into a horde of symbiote-dragons. [29]

    Culture Edit

    The symbiotes, when originally created, were used as tools by Knull in order to conquer the universe and at the time they had a symbiote dialect. [30] When they were freed from Knull's control and began learning about compassion, they established the lie about their nature in order to redeem themselves. They formed the Agents of Cosmos, which are symbiotes bonded to benevolent hosts forming noble warriors, in order of maintaining peace across the universe. However, some symbiotes were corrupted by malevolent hosts returning them into monsters and reestablishing the symbiote Imperium first formed by Knull and these symbiotes were cut from the Klyntar hive mind. The symbiote Imperium would conquer planets and infecting the inhabitants in order to drain and consume them whole.

    The symbiotes in general don't have an actual culture. As seen with Venom and Carnage, the symbiote's personality and psychology depends largely of the host's nature, as the link between the host and the symbiote gives the symbiote context and meaning to their life. [31]

    As for the Nameless, a group of Kree explorers infected by the Exolon parasites, after being infected by the parasites, which consumed their souls, they lost all sense of time and sentience and started doing gruesome self-inflicting pain rituals in order to remember their past lives. [32]

    Biology Edit

    The symbiotes are an alien species of inorganic, [33] amorphous and multicellular [34] symbiotic parasites formed from Knull's "Living Abyss" after he had experimented with his abilities. The symbiotes function as living extradimensional tesseracts, requiring living hosts to anchor them to the fabric of space and time. They empower a host's natural abilities to the point where they far exceed that of normal members of the host's species as well as recording the genetic material of each of its hosts in a genetic codex. These abilities include the following:

    • Superhuman strength (strong enough to lift 50 tons or more), speed, endurance, agility, healing factor, and intelligence. [35]
    • Genetic memory, recalling information from previous hosts. [36] They also leave traces of themselves, dubbed codex, in the bodies of their hosts attached to the host's DNA, in order to send information to the hive mind. [27]
    • The ability to negate damage caused by terminal illnesses and permanent injuries. While symbiotes can somewhat heal their hosts, they generally seek to force their hosts to depend on them and thus ensure the symbiotes' survival. For example, Eddie Brock was able to survive indefinitely with terminal cancer, [37] and Scott Washington was able to walk despite being paraplegic. [38] Similarly, Flash Thompson and Cletus Kasady had received "legs" when bonded with the Venom symbiote and Carnage symbiote when they lost their legs. Wraith was able to use his Exolon powers to cure the Kree who were infected by the Phalanx. [39][40]
    • Can reproduce asexually with a limited number of seeds inside their mass. Such as Venom which gave birth to seven "children", while its first child Carnage had three. [41]
    • Senses that extend over its entire surface, enabling hosts to "see" what is behind or otherwise not in their line of sight (like a Spider-Sense). [41][42]
    • Able to change shape and size at will. This ability functions regardless of the host's actual stature and bodily dimensions, as the symbiotes are living tesseracts. This includes expanding to any size as long as they have something to grow on, such as a host or an object. [43][44] Symbiotes can form multi-layered shields against powerful attacks, [45] also get inside of small areas, such as electric wires and the insides of cars to completely disable them. [46][47] This shapeshifting allows the symbiote to change its color and texture to allow it to blend into the environment as a form of camouflage or change the host's outward appearance (including mimicking clothes and the appearances of other beings). [48]
    • Able to sense the thoughts and will of the host. When Spider-Man was originally selected, he had been thinking about Spider-Woman's costume in the Secret Wars. The symbiote acted on this and formed a similar costume to hers and Knull's emblem, which is the one seen on Spider-Man and Venom. [49]
    • Venom and all its descendants possess the ability to bypass Spider-Man's Spider-Sense because the original symbiote was attached to Peter Parker (Spider-Man) first, it took his genetic information and spider-powers, thanks to the symbiote's Parasitic Inheritance. This means that the symbiote attacking Peter would essentially be Peter attacking himself, which wouldn't set off his Spider-Sense [18][41] (during the Clone Saga, this became complicated, as Venom did set off Ben Reilly's Spider-Sense, however this has been attributed to Ben being cloned from Peter prior to his first encounter with the Venom symbiote). [50]
    • Can excrete matter that enters in its body like bullets turning those into the green saliva. [51]
    • The symbiotes are immortal as shown with Venom 2099 which was still alive in the year 2099 [52] and All-Black which was created in the beginning of the Universe and was still alive in King Thor's timeline. [53]
    • Can merge with other symbiotes or otherwise absorb one another. Similarly as Hybrid was formed or when Carnage absorbed another symbiote from the Negative Zone, regenerating itself. [54] The symbiote can also absorp the codexes of other symbiotes, getting their genetic memory such as when Spider-Man bonded to two other symbiotes and they absorbed the Venom's codex, looking exactly like Venom. [27][21][23][55]
    • The symbiotes can put their hosts in a comatose state as shown with Zak-Del [56] and Eddie Brock. [57]
    • The symbiotes can prolong its hosts' lives by replacing the hosts failing organs with simulacrums manifested from its living abyss but can not do so indefinitely.

    Because they record the genetic material of each of its hosts, there are also additional powers that have been demonstrated, but are not necessarily universal to all symbiotes:

    • Block part of the host's mind.
    • Form fangs or simple bladed weapons out of their limbs. The first appearance of this was the Carnage symbiote. [41]
    • Form tendrils and tentacles of various lengths from their body. [58]
    • Form wings, as shown when Venom came in contact with Knull and grew a pair of web-like wings, [59] even though in some cases the symbiote did form gliding wings as shown with Venom-Punisher and Hybrid.
    • The purified Klyntar possess Cosmic Awareness, allowing the Agents of Cosmos to the people in need. [60]
    • Project the surface of the symbiote to attack at a distance. [58]
    • Can sustain its humanoid body even without a host, but for a period of time. [61]
    • Stick to walls (adapted from Spider-Man).
    • Produce acid, toxins, and venoms, such as in the venomous bite Venom delivered to Sandman, [62] as shown with Venom, Agony and Venom 2099.
    • Produce webbing from its own mass (adapted from Spider-Man). [63]
    • Sense the presence of other beings within a certain distance. [41]
    • Protect hosts from Ghost Rider's Penance Stare [64] and the Inheritors's Life Absorption Touch. [65]
    • Can generate and manipulate an ice-like substance (adapted from Iceman), use telepathy and telekinesis (adapted from Marvel Girl), create powerful kinetic blasts (adapted from Cyclops), increase strength and intelligence (adapted from Beast) and grant the host with the ability to fly (adapted from Angel).
    • Create storage portals inside of them (this allowed Peter Parker to stow and access his camera). [66]
    • Filter breathable air for its host, allowing them to breathe underwater (seen in Vengeance of Venom), inhale poisonous fumes, and even survive in the vacuum of space. [67]
    • Transfer symbiote traits to its host, such as when Carnage ate Karl Malus and then he became a symbiote-human hybrid. [68]
    • The Venom symbiote also has empathic abilities, and is able to project desires and needs into the thoughts of its host or potential hosts this ability can also aid Venom in detecting the truth from those he interrogates. [69]
    • In some realities, the symbiote feeds on the baser emotions of its host, creating an increasingly hostile personality. The longer the host is exposed to the symbiote, the more overpowering this state of mind becomes. [70]
    • Each symbiote has its own abilities: such as Venom's venomous bite Toxin's ability to change his shape and form into a Spider-Man-like build (slim, but strong) and Venom-like build (big and muscular) depending on its mood Scream can use its web-like hair as a weapon Agony can spit acid and manipulate matter Phage creates bladed weapons, Lasher uses tendrils on its back Riot is particular to bludgeoning weapons and agility Payback can produce electricity Scorn can fuse itself with technology All-Black can grant its host immortality and Sleeper possesses chemokinesis, the ability to manipulate chemicals, providing limited telepathy and excelled cloaking abilities through pheromones.
    • Some symbiotes have shown to be immune to sonic and fire through modification as shown with Anti-Venom, Red Goblin, [71] Mayhem, [72] Payback [73] and Grendel.
    • It can change the mood of its host by manipulating the brain chemicals. [74]
    • It can replicate itself as seen with Carnage [75] and All-Black [76] in the mainstream universe and Venom in Spider-Man Reign.

    However, the symbiotes possess weaknesses which can be fatal, to the point of death. Some of these weakness include:

    • Symbiotes have a natural weakness to sonic-based attacks and heat-based attacks, after Knull unintentionally gave while forging them. However, symbiotes have a growing resistance to sound and fire due to their evolution. Still, there has not been an invulnerable symbiote in mainstream continuity, because the newest breeds can be harmed by incredible amounts of sonic waves and heat. [77] symbiotes like Krobaa are also seemingly vulnerable to light. The symbiotes in the Ultimate Marvel are only vulnerable to the heat produced by high voltage electricity.
    • Symbiotes have shown vulnerability to chemical and biological attacks, such as when Iron Man created a cure to a virus-like bio-weapon based on the Venom symbiote that was created by Doctor Doom. [78] Venom and Carnage, have shown susceptibility to chemical inhibitors. [79] Whether a symbiote can mutate and reduce the effect of these weaknesses is unknown. [80]
    • Potential hosts with advanced healing factors, such as Wolverine, have shown resistance to symbiosis. [81]
    • In some incarnations, the symbiote is depicted as requiring a certain chemical (most likely phenethylamine) to stay sane and healthy, which has been said to be found abundantly in two sources: chocolate and human brain tissue. Thus, the host is forced to either consume large amounts of chocolate or become a cannibal who devours the brains of those they kill. This peculiar trait has only been witnessed in the Venom symbiote. [82] However, both Carnage and Toxin have threatened their enemies with aspirations to "eating their brains", as well as various other body parts. When Toxin teamed up with Spider-Man and Black Cat, he struggled to keep himself together, telling Spider-Man that he was only "joking" about eating the robbers' brains. Similarly, the Exolons feed on the immortal soul of the hosts resulting in the hosts becoming immortal, however, descending their hosts into madness, as well making them forget all of their old memories, unless they inflict pain to themselves to keep their memories longer, as shown with Zak-Del and the Nameless. [83]
    • On at least one occasion, Spider-Man was able to exhaust the Venom symbiote by taking advantage of the fact that it made its webbing out of itself after the symbiote had already used a great deal of webbing to bind him to a bell, Spider-Man forced Venom to use further webbing so that it would exhaust itself, like blood dripping from a wound (although the sheer amount of webbing that the symbiotes would need to use for this weakness to be exploited makes its use in a fight limited). [18]
    • The symbiotes are unable to bond to more than one host as shown when Venom tried to bond to both Eddie and Peter at the same time [84] and again with Flash and Eddie, [85] even though the Carnage symbiote didn't display this weakness when bonded to people in Doverton Colorado.
    • Another weakness that they have is their hunger for feelings. In the storyline Planet of the symbiotes, Eddie Brock releases a cry of pain and agony so great that the entire symbiote race commits mass suicide, [86] but how they kill themselves is not clear.
    • The Xenophages, a race of extraterrestrial shapeshifters which prey on symbiotes, possess the ability to spew an unknown incendiary chemical that can paralyze symbiotes and enhance their taste. [87]
    • Numerous occasions have shown that when a corrupted symbiote remains bonded to a host for too long, the symbiote will eventually consume the body of the host leaving the host a dead husk as shown with the soldiers who were bonded to the Grendel symbiotes [88] and with Peter Parker in two What If?!. [89][90]
    • When Eddie Brock was diagnosed with cancer, Martin Li used his Lightforce healing ability to cure Eddie from his cancer, accidentally making the white blood cells in Eddie's blood to combat the Venom's symbiote remnants creating a new non-sentient symbiote called Anti-Venom. This symbiote had the ability to cure every sickness (including Spider-Man's powers) and it was also corrosive to the symbiotes as shown when Eddie and Flash nearly killed Venom, [91] Mania, [92] the Poisons [93] and Red Goblin. [71] There have been no symbiotes shown to be immune to Anti-Venom.
    • The symbiotes have been shown to be vulnerable to the abilities of the telepaths. [21][94]
    • A new and still mysteriously extraterrestrial race known as Poisons, apparently nature's answer to the symbiotes, prey on them through direct contact infection, which forms an unstoppable one-sided union that the symbiote wants no part of. [95]

    Major symbiote characters Edit

    The following symbiotes have appeared throughout several years of Spider-Man's history, appeared in multiple media such as film and video games and were main characters/villains in story arcs.

    Name First appearance Notable host Description
    Venom The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (April 1988) Eddie Brock Chronologically introduced in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8, merged with Spider-Man, and notably Eddie Brock. Mac Gargan then went on to be the symbiote's host for a while, later it was acquired by the government and was being used by Flash Thompson under the alias Agent Venom until it separated from Flash and moved on to Lee Price, only to eventually return to Eddie Brock. It is revealed in Venom: First Host that a Kree soldier named Tel-Kar is chronologically the first to wear the suit, before Spider-Man. He is ranked by S.H.I.E.L.D. as one of the biggest threats along with Magneto, Doctor Doom and Red Skull. [96]
    Carnage The Amazing Spider-Man #361 (April 1992) Cletus Kasady A child-spawn of Venom bonded to serial killer Cletus Kasady through his bloodstream. The symbiote would occasionally be separated from Cletus and bond to other hosts, such as Ben Reilly and Karl Malus, only to be reunited with Kasady again. Some time later Cletus got separated from Carnage and Norman Osborn got bonded to the Carnage symbiote in order to defeat Spider-Man.
    Toxin Venom Vs. Carnage #2 (September 2004) Patrick Mulligan A spawn of Carnage in the 1,000th generation that bonded with police officer Patrick Mulligan, becoming a hero. This was the first symbiote that Spider-Man considered an ally and becomes a bit of a mentee of Spider-Man. Later forcibly bonded to Eddie Brock by the Crime Master sometime after Patrick was beaten to death by Blackheart. [97]
    Anti-Venom The Amazing Spider-Man #569 (October 2008) Eddie Brock A hybrid symbiote created accidentally when the codexes of the Venom symbiote in Eddie Brock's body were combined with his white blood cells by the mystical energies of Mister Negative. Unlike other symbiotes, Anti-Venom is completely mindless and Eddie Brock is in full control of his actions. It possesses tremendous healing powers and other powers that differ from the Venom symbiote, such as producing antibodies that can cure any known disease and remove any other impurities within a human body and its touch is corrosive to the other symbiotes. Anti-Venom was seemingly destroyed in the 2011 "Spider-Island" story arc. [98] However in 2017's "Venom Inc.", Dr. Steven recreates the symbiote and it bonds with Flash Thompson, creating the same look as Agent Venom but with inverted colours.
    Knull Venom #3 (August 2018) No host. A primordial god of darkness that manifested the first symbiote from his shadow in order to kill a Celestial and used the head's cosmic properties to form a suit of symbiote-armor when embarking on his deicidal crusade. While stranded on Gorr's desolate world, Knull discovered he could infect "lesser creatures" with the living abyss, therefore creating the symbiotes to conquer the universe. He's considered the God of the symbiotes and also the unidentified entity seen in Thor: God of Thunder #6.
    Plague King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes #1 Cortland Kasady A symbiote used by Knull to bond with the long dead serial killer Cortland Kasady, Knull's most faithful servant, which reanimated Cortland in the process.

    Other symbiote characters Edit

    The following symbiotes have made only a few other appearances in comic books and are usually excluded from adaptations in other media.

    In the comics none of the five symbiotes were originally given names. However, in the Venom: Planet of the symbiotes toy line, the yellow symbiote was named Scream and the green symbiote was named Lasher. The name Scream was eventually used in Marvel Super Hero Island Adventures #1 and the Spider-Man Back in Black Handbook. The toyline also featured a four armed symbiote named Riot that was loosely based on the unnamed symbiote in the comic What if Scarlet Spider killed Spider-Man?. The name Phage comes from an unrelated character from the comic Venom The Hunted and Venom: Along Came A Spider toyline. [99] The other symbiote names became popular among fans but did not appear in an official Marvel work until the 2011 Carnage U.S.A. mini-series.

    Mach, Cole, Hernandez, and Gesneria were all murdered by Diego after she decided that symbiotes were "evil" the murdered guards' symbiotes fused to create Hybrid. [100] Diego would later herself be killed by a powerless Eddie Brock, when the latter was also eliminating the "evil" of the symbiotes from the Earth.

    The Tyrannosaurus symbiote after escaping Knull's control thank to Logan, saw how beautiful the light was and wanted show that to his friends. With the appearance of its host Rex, he started working for S.H.I.E.L.D. with no one noticing. He worked there for years until Secret Empire where S.H.I.E.L.D. got dismantled so he asked Eddie to free his friends. Unfortunately the symbiotes where still under the control of Knull and in dragon form started searching for Tyrannosaurus. Tyrannosaurus then merged with Venom and tricked the dragon to come to them. Tyrannosaurus went to the dragon and weakened it with sonic bombs. Then he ordered Eddie to put them inside the furnace and burn them denying Knull the chance to escape Klyntar. Their codex are eventually retrieved by Maker which are later stolen by Scorn's cult who implanted them into Cletus reviving him.

    Ultimate Marvel Edit

    In the Ultimate Marvel universe, the Venom suit is a man-made creation born of an experiment by Richard Parker and Edward Brock Sr. to develop a protoplasmic cure for severe illness, while Bolivar Trask, who was funding the research, intended to weaponize it. It used Richard's DNA as the starting base for it, thus himself and Peter are "related" to it. When bonding to a host, the organic matter that comprises the suit envelops the host, regardless of resistance, temporarily blinding it, before encasing itself in a hard, casing, similar to a pupa. When the host emerges, the suit then shifts its appearance and function to assist its host, such as creating eyes for it to see through, or tries to take it over, inducing a homicidal rage and attempting to feed itself if bonded with an incompatible host. When bonded with a host and forcibly removed, the suit leaves trace amounts of itself in their bloodstream, which attracts other samples of Venom to itself, and can overload Peter's spider-sense. In the video game Ultimate Spider-Man, absorbing the trace amounts in Peter's blood allowed Eddie to take complete control of the suit, gaining a greater ability to talk and a spider symbol on his chest.

    Venom's only known weakness is electricity, and larger amounts of the suit will need more electricity to kill, as varying amounts of the suit will be stunned or vaporized by electric shocks. This was first seen in Ultimate Spider-Man #38, when an electric wire got tangled around Venom's foot. An electrocution from live power-lines vaporised the smaller amount on Peter, while a similar amount disabled Eddie. Note in the video game Ultimate Spider-Man, when Electro electrocutes Venom during a cutscene, the suit is not affected by the shock like the live power-line did in the "Venom" arc. The suit can take the Shocker's vibro-shocks, and can protect its host from a bullet, who feels nothing more than a relaxing vibration. When worn by a host other than Richard's son Peter, the host is compelled to take the life energy of other human beings or else have their own be consumed by the suit instead. The original Spider-Man (Peter Parker) was able to control the suit to a greater extent than anyone because of his powers and because the suit was designed for his father. [106]

    The Carnage symbiote also appears in the Ultimate universe as a parasite genetically engineered by Curt Conners and Ben Reilly from Peter's DNA based on Richard's research. Traces of the Venom suit remaining in Peter's blood give Carnage similar properties to those of the Venom suit. It also devours people, but does not require a host. When first introduced, the organism was a blob of instinct, with no intelligence or self-awareness, with its only aim to feed on the DNA of others, including Gwen Stacy, to stabilize itself. After feeding on multiple people, Carnage turns into a damaged form of Richard and Peter with the memories of itself as Spider-Man. Carnage tries to absorb Peter so it can become whole, but Peter throws Carnage into a smokestack, burning the beast, although it is revealed that the organism had survived and turned into a replica of Gwen's form with Gwen's memories. [107] During an encounter with Eddie Brock, the Venom suit absorbs the Carnage suit into itself making itself complete and leaving Gwen a normal human being. [108]

    Spider-Gwen Edit

    In Spider-Gwen's universe, Dr. Elsa Brock created a cure to Harry Osborn's Lizard DNA by using Spider-Gwen's radioactive isotopes given to her by S.I.L.K. Leader Cindy Moon. When Gwen injected the isotopes in Harry, the Lizard serum combined with the Spider isotopes and transformed into Venom which bonded to Spider-Gwen giving her powers back and becoming Gwenom. This symbiote in natural form is actually some spiders working together and is weak to sonic only when bonded to a host, otherwise is not affected by this weakness when without a host. [109]

    Amalgam Comics Edit

    In the Amalgam Comics universe, the facility which created Spider-Boy, started experimenting on a substance which they got from an alien spaceship. Accidentally, they created a crystalline symbiote named Bizarnage (amalgamation of Carnage and Bizarro). It had the powers of Spider-Boy and started attacking everyone until Spider-Boy defeated it. [110]

    MC2 Edit

    In the alternate universe of the Marvel Comics 2, or MC2 imprint, Norman Osborn got Eddie's blood, who was still bonded to Venom at the time, and extracted the symbiote codex from the blood. Then, Norman combined the codices with May's DNA and created a symbiote/human hybrid clone of Mayday Parker. The clone stayed in stasis inside a chamber, until Peter with Norman's mind became Goblin God and awakens the hybrid. When Peter got back to normal, the hybrid under the alias of Mayhem/Spider-Girl went to live with the Parker family, naming herself April Parker. [111]

    In a later timeline, Mayhem accidentally kills the real Spider-Girl and became a murderous vigilante after killing American Dream. The government in an attempt to stop her, they used pieces of the dead Carnage symbiote (after being killed by Mayday) to create living weapons dubbed Bio-Predators. The Bio-preds run wild, however, decimating the world and its defenders. Mayhem, seeing the error of her ways, goes back in time and sacrifices herself to stop her past self from killing Spider-Girl, ensuring the events that led to the Biopreds' creation never occurred, even though she may have survived. [112]

    "Spider-Verse" Edit

    During the 2014 "Spider-Verse" storyline, in Spider-Punk's universe, V.E.N.O.M, also known as Variable Engagement Neuro-sensitive Organic Mesh is created by Oscorp and is worn by the Thunderbolt Department, the police and fire department of President Osborn so he could have full control over the city, but they are all defeated by Spider-Punk using his guitar. [113]

    "Spider-Geddon" Edit

    During the 2018 "Spider-Geddon" storyline, in the universe of Peni Parker, aka SP//dr, VEN#m is a giant mech-suit, powered by a Sym Engine, created to serve as back-up in case the SP//dr failed. It was piloted by Addy Brock until in a battle against a technological monster named M.O.R.B.I.U.S., the suit gained a conscience and went rogue. Though SP//dr was able to defeat VEN#m, she was too late to stop it from consuming Addy as well as her version of Aunt May, who flew in to fix the problem manually. [114]

    What If. Edit

    . Spider-Man had rejected the Spider? Edit

    "What if?: The Other", set during "The Other" storyline, features an alternative version of Peter who abandons the Spider when given the choice. Some time afterward, the Venom symbiote leaves its current host Mac Gargan and merges with Peter, who was inside a cocoon to become Poison. Poison now calling himself "I", chooses Mary Jane to be his companion. He fails to gain her affection and instead, he digs up the grave of Gwen Stacy. The last images reveals Poison watching over a new cocoon like his own, as it bursts forth showing a hand similar to Carnage's, even though the normal symbiotes are unable to bond with dead hosts. [115]

    "Age of Apocalypse" Edit

    In a "What if?" "Age of Apocalypse" reality, in which both Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr were killed, Apocalypse is served by clones of a symbiote Spider-Man, although the clones seem to be more symbiote than man. [116]

    Spider-Man: India Edit

    In Spider-Man: India, the symbiotes are parasitic demons with outward tusk-like fangs, who had ruled the world in the past, but got trapped inside an amulet. The amulet was eventually found by Nalin Oberoi and transformed him into the Green Goblin. During a fight with Spider-Man, the Green Goblin releases a demon to possess Spider-Man, but is expelled. After the defeat of Green Goblin, the amulet is thrown into ocean, leaving Venom the only demon alive. [117]

    What The--?! Edit

    In the What The--?!, "The Bee-Yonder" gives Spider-Ham a version of the black uniform, but Spider-Ham loved his classic suit more, so he got rid of it. [118] In #20, Pork Grind, a pig version of Venom is introduced as an enemy of Spider-Ham.

    Contest of Champions Edit

    In the 2016 Contest of Champions series, where Maestro and Collector use the heroes of different worlds to battle with each other, when this version of Venom was killed by Punisher 2099, the remnants fused with the remains of the Void creating the Symbioids. [119]

    Earth X Edit

    In the universe of Earth-9997, the symbiotes, like all sentient life, were created by the Celestials as "antibodies" to protect the embryos which resided in the core of the planets. Like the Asgardians and Mephisto, the symbiotes eventually reached the third stage of metamorphosis and apotheosized into metaphysical entities given physical form by what others believed them to be and required of them. [120] [121] The Venom symbiote was given form by Spider-Man, who believed it to be a symbiotic living costume after being bonded to Eddie Brock for years, it bonded to Peter's daughter May Parker, who managed to tame and rehabilitate it to start her career as the superhero Venom. [122]

    Spider-Man Unlimited Edit

    In the Spider-Man Unlimited series, a Synoptic is introduced. Synoptic are parasites that can control organic beings by touch. Venom and Carnage, who acted as double agents to the High Evolutionary, were able to revive the Synoptic. [123]

    Television Edit

    • Venom and Carnage appear in the 1990s Spider-Man animated series. In the three-part episode, "The Alien Costume", the Venom symbiote arrives on Earth via John Jameson's space shuttle and temporarily bonds with Spider-Man until he eventually realizes it is a negative influence on him and rejects it, causing it to bond with Eddie Brock. Together, they seek revenge on Spider-Man, but he is able to defeat and separate them before trapping the Venom symbiote in a rocket as it was launched into space. In the episode "Venom Returns" however, Dormammu and Baron Mordo diverted it, allowing the symbiote to return to Earth so they could use its services, during which the Carnage symbiote split off from it. When Venom fails to get a Stark Industries portal device for them, they provide Cletus Kasady with Venom's offspring, which he names Carnage, and send him to assist Venom. In the episode "Carnage", with help from Iron Man, Eddie Brock willingly separates from Venom after having a change of heart. When Carnage kidnaps Ashley Kafka, Eddie's love interest, he re-bonds with Venom and helps Spider-Man, Iron Man, and War Machine fight him and Mordo. Carnage attempts to throw Kafka into limbo, a place in between dimensions, but Venom stops him and knocks them both into the portal, foiling Dormammu's plans. In the two-part series finale, "Spider Wars", the Carnage symbiote bonds with an angry alternate universe clone of Spider-Man and turns him into Spider-Carnage.
    • Venom and Carnage appear in the Spider-Man Unlimited animated series. In the pilot episode, they board a shuttle piloted by John Jameson and crash it on Counter-Earth to start a new empire of symbiotes. This series' incarnation of symbiotes are amorphous creatures that rely on their elastic bodies rather than webbing and adopt unique looks.
    • Venom appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, with Spider-Man's version voiced by Josh Keaton and Eddie Brock's version voiced by Benjamin Diskin. In the episode "The Uncertainly Principle", the symbiote arrives on Earth by stowing away on John Jameson's space shuttle and bonds with Spider-Man. After the web-slinger rejects it, it bonds with Eddie in the episode "Intervention" to become Venom, but they are defeated in the episode "Nature vs. Nurture". Venom re-bonds with Eddie in the episodes "First Steps", "Growing Pains", and "Identity Crisis", wherein they attempt to expose Spider-Man's secret identity, but their plans are foiled and they are separated once more, though the symbiote retreats into the sewers. Carnage was also set to appear in the third season before the show was cancelled.
    • Venom, Carnage, and Anti-Venom appear in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. Venom and Anti-Venom are created by Doctor Octopus for Oscorp, who made the former from an altered sample of Spider-Man's DNA and the latter from a sample of Venom as a countermeasure. In the series, Harry Osborn is depicted as the symbiote's host and initially uses it to become a black-suited Spider-Man until his continued usage of it turns him into Venom. The Carnage symbiote is initially created by the Green Goblin after bonding the Venom symbiote to Peter Parker before it was recreated by HYDRA scientist Michael Morbius from a sample of the Venom symbiote he obtained. Anti-Venom is also created from a sample of the Venom symbiote and bonds with Harry.
    • A variant of the Venom symbiote appears in the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. animated series episode "The Venom Within". Doctor Octopus creates a "Gamma Venom" variant of the symbiote by having the regular symbiote bond with the show's titular characters before it was destroyed by the agents of S.M.A.S.H., with Spider-Man's help.
    • The Klyntar appear in the 2015 Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. Though the titular characters first encountered them in the episode "Hitchin' a Ride", it is not until the three-part episode "Symbiote War", when they learn that Klyntar's original homeworld was destroyed by Thanos, who captured most of them and took them to Planet X so he could weaponize them by altering their genealogy. The Exolons are also referenced as inhabiting Wraith's body. Carnage and Venom both appear in the episodes "Back in the New York Groove" and "Drive My Carnage". In this series, Carnage is an original Klyntar and not an offspring of Venom.
    • The Klyntar appear in the 2017 Spider-Man animated series. Venom, initially referred to as the "V-252", arrives on Earth inside a meteor and is recovered by the Space Program, who leave it at Horizon High so Max Modell can analyze it. It first appeared in the episode "A Day in the Life", and bonded with Spider-Man in the episode "Sandman". In the episode "Stark Expo", Spider-Man rejects and returns it. In the episode "Venom", the V-252 briefly escaped and possessed Flash Thompson until Spider-Man defeated it and returned it once more. In the episode "Dead Man's Party", the V-252 merged with Eddie Brock, who renamed it Venom. In the episode "Venom Returns", Venom was incapacitated by an experimental sonic device during a failed attempt to publicly expose Spider-Man's secret identity. In the episode "Superior", Venom is reawakened by experimentation that alters its genealogy, enabling it to survive without a host, but was defeated by Spider-Man once again. Season three, subtitled Maximum Venom, reveals Venom's origins and introduces more symbiotes, most notably Anti-Venom, Scream, Scorn, and Mania. In the episode "Web of Venom" Pt. 2, Venom is released by Dr. Curt Connors and absorbs a synthetic copy that Max Modell had Spider-Man test before making its way to the meteor crash site. Once it got there, it used an energy seed to shoot a beacon into space before Spider-Man destroys it, seemingly killing Venom. In the episode "Amazing Friends", Venom's fellow Klyntar started making their way to Earth, capturing most of the Avengers and Star-Lord on the way, though the latter's friend Groot got to the planet first to warn Spider-Man of the impending invasion. In the episode "Vengeance Of Venom", the Klyntar sent an advance hunting party to capture Earth's remaining heroes. Spider-Man and Marc Spector rescued Modell so he could create a synthetic antithesis of Venom, dubbed "Anti-Venom", to counteract the invading Klyntar. Merging with Groot, Anti-Venom cures everyone on Earth infected by the symbiotes before Doctor Strange takes him to space to cure the Guardians of the Galaxy. Unbeknownst to everyone, the seed from Venom's meteor is retrieved by Dr. Connors. In the episode "Generations" Pt. 2, it is revealed that Connors has been using Venom's leftover DNA and seed to resurrect Norman Osborn as the Dark Goblin. In the series finale "Maximum Venom", Venom recuperates within Modell's bloodstream and possesses his body, summoning Scream, Scorn, and Mania to Earth. Despite attempting to destroy Earth using the World-Killer (a dragon-like weapon powered by Venom's seed), Modell is able to overcome Venom's control long enough to destroy the seed and vanquish the Klyntar for good.

    Film Edit

    Sam Raimi film series Edit

    The Venom symbiote appears in the live-action film Spider-Man 3. This incarnation came from space after it landed on Earth inside a meteorite. The symbiote fused with the sleeping Spider-Man's suit enhancing his powers, abilities, and anger. After being rejected by the web-slinger, the alien attaches to Eddie Brock, turning him into Venom. Later, Spider-Man exploits the symbiote's weakness to soundwaves to defeat Venom and free Brock from it. However, it became strong enough to survive without a host, lead to Parker destroying it with one of the New Goblin's pumpkin bombs. Brock attempts to bond with it again, resulting in him being killed along with it.

    Marc Webb films Edit

    In trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 live-action film, the Venom symbiote appears briefly among various elements of supervillain technology seen in the Gustav Fiers / The Gentleman's agency. In the final cut of the film, the symbiote was replaced by the Rhino's armort. Sony Pictures had plans to create a Spider-Man-centric cinematic universe with various spin-off films, including a Venom film, but those plans were abandoned following the studio agreement reached with Marvel Studios.

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Edit

    • In the live-action film Guardians of the Galaxy, the Exolons are referenced via the Exolon Monks, who serve Ronan the Accuser. [124]
    • In the live-action film Thor: Ragnarok, Hela uses a weapon called the Necrosword, which is based on All-Black the Necrosword. However, there is no mention of the weapon being a symbiote because, similar to the Exolons, All-Black was not originally intended to be a symbiote when it was introduced. [125]

    Sony's Marvel Universe Edit

    Following the success of reintroducing Spider-Man in the MCU films Captain America: Civil War (2016) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Sony Pictures stated that they were moving forward with the live-action film Venom, written by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, and directed by Ruben Fleischer, released on October 5, 2018, and with Tom Hardy portraying Eddie Brock and the title character. The film is separate from the MCU, as it is instead set within its own continuity with no connections to the Spider-Man character becoming the first film in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. Riot appears as the film's main antagonist, portrayed by Riz Ahmed. [126] A blue symbiote designated SYM-A02 and a yellow symbiote designated SYM-A03 also have minor appearances. [127]

    Video games Edit

    Multiple video games have featured the symbiotes, most prominently Venom and Carnage. Listed below are games that feature other symbiotes besides them:

    Favorite song from each setlist?

    I'm still sad I missed the first two exports since I was on Wii until RB4 was released.

    Same here! Wii to PS4, missing Alex Chilton the most!

    Rb1: Green Grass and High Tides RB2: Peace Sells RB3: Rainbow in the Dark RBGD: Basket Case RBTB: I am the Walrus LRB: Summer of 69 RBB: Spoonman RBU: Aqualung

    Beatles RB: Abbey Road Medley

    Green day RB: Jesus of Suburbia

    Rb Blitz: Death on two legs

    Rb1: Flirting with disaster.

    RB1: Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster

    RB2: Pearl Jam - Alive

    TBRB: Dig A Pony

    LRB: Europe - The Final Countdown

    GDRB: Holiday

    RB3: Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train

    RBB: Collective Soul - Shine

    RB4: Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper

    Green Day: Brain Stew/Jaded

    It was so hard to decide for all of them, I really love most of the disc songs in all of the games

    Japan zoo hunts for escaped penguin

    Photo illustration of a Humboldt penguin. The hunt was on Monday for a penguin that scaled a sheer rock face to escape from a Tokyo zoo, and was last seen swimming in a river in the Japanese capital.

    The hunt was on Monday for a penguin that scaled a sheer rock face to escape from a Tokyo zoo, and was last seen swimming in a river in the Japanese capital.

    The one-year-old Humboldt penguin was snapped bathing in the mouth of the Old Edogawa river, which runs into Tokyo Bay, after fleeing its home in the east of the city in an echo of the hit animated film Madagascar.

    Takashi Sugino, an official at Tokyo Sea Life Park, said the 60-centimetre (24-inch) bird appeared to have got itself over a rock wall twice its size and made a run for it.

    "We first noticed the penguin might have fled when the director of a neighbouring zoo e-mailed us Sunday, with a photo," said Sugino.

    A second picture provided by a visitor allowed keepers to identify the errant bird as one that hatched last January.

    Sugino said it was not entirely clear how the creature had managed to get out of the enclosure it shares with 134 other Humboldt penguins.

    "Of course it can't fly, but sometimes wildlife have an 'explosive' power when frightened by something. Maybe it ran up the rock after being surprised," he said.

    In the 2005 computer animated film Madagascar, penguins are among a group of animals that mount an escape as they are being transported.

    Zoo officials were Monday scouring the area where the Tokyo penguin was last spotted in the hope of recapturing it.

    "It's a bit of a struggle to catch it when it is swimming, because it swims at a tremendous speed," Sugino said. "We are hoping to catch it when it climbs up on land to sleep."

    Rock Band Song List

    The Cars – Good Times Roll/My Best Friend’s Girl/Just What I Needed/I’m in Touch with Your World/Don’t Cha Stop/You’re All I’ve Got Tonight/Bye Bye Love/Moving in Stereo/All Mixed Up

    Children of Bodom – Are You Dead Yet

    The Clash – I Fought the Law/Should I Stay or Should I Go

    Clutch – 50,000 Unstoppable Watts

    Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home

    The Coral – Dreaming of You

    Counting Crows – Accidentally in Love

    Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising/Born on the Bayou/Down on the Corner/Fortunate Son/Green River/Proud Mary/Travelin’ Band/Lookin’ Out My Back Door/Run Through the Jungle/Up Around the Bend/Who’ll Stop the Rain/I Heard it Through the Grapevine

    Crooked X – Nightmare/Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream

    Cross Canadian Ragweed – Cry Lonely

    The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary

    Culture Club – Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

    The Cure – Just Like Heaven

    Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down

    David Bowie – Blue Jean/Fame/Let’s Dance/Modern Love/Space Oddity/Suffragette City/Young Americans/Ziggy Stardust

    A Day to Remember – All I Want

    dBSoundworks – The Battle of Lil’ Slugger (Remix)/Betus Blues (Retro Remix)

    Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

    Death of the Cool – Can’t Let Go

    Deep Purple – Highway Star/Smoke on the Water

    Deftones – My Own Summer(Shove It)

    Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus

    Devo – Uncontrollable Urge/Whip It

    Dimmu Borgir – The Serpentine Offering

    Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the Pain

    Dio – Holy Diver/Rainbow in the Dark

    Dire Straits – Walk of the Life

    Disturbed – Down with the Sickness/Indestructible/Inside the Fire/Perfect Insanity

    The Donnas – New Kid in School

    The Doobie Brothers – China Grove/Listen to the Music/Long Train Runnin

    The Doors – Hello, I Love You/Love Me Two Times/Peace Frog/People are Strange/Roadhouse Blues/Touch Me/Love Her Madly/L.A. Woman/Riders on the Storm/Break on Through(To the Other Side)/Soul Kitchen/The Crystal Ship/Light My Fire

    DragonForce – Operation Ground and Pound/Through the Fire and Flames

    Dream Theater – Panic Attack

    Dropkick Murphys – I’m Shipping Up to Boston

    Duran Duran – Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio

    Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star

    Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon

    Electric Six – Dance Epidemic/Gay Bar/I Don’t Like You

    Elton John – Crocodile Rock/Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting

    Elvis Costello – Pump it Up/Radio Radio

    Eric Cartman – Lady Gag’s Poker Face

    Europe – The Final Countdown

    Evanescence – Bring Me to Life/Call Me When You’re Sober/Weight of the World

    Everlife – Real Wild Child

    Evile – Infected Nation/Thrasher

    Faith No More – Epic/Midlife Crisis

    Fall Out Boy – Dead on Arrival/I Don’t Care/This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race

    Filter – Hey Man Nice Shot

    Five Finger Death Punch – Burn it Down

    The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1

    Fleetwood Mac – Go You’re Own Way

    Flight of the Conchords – Business Time/The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)

    Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies(Live)/Requiem for a Dying Song

    Foo Fighters – Best of You/Breakout/DOA/I’ll Stick Around/Learn to Fly/The Pretender/This Is a Call/Wheels/Word Forward/All My Life/Times Like These/Lonely as You/Doll/Monkey Wrench/Hey, Johnny Park!/My Poor Brain/Wind Up/Up in Arms/My Hero/See You/Enough Space/February Stars/Everlong/Walking After You/New Way Home/Long Road to Ruin/Rope/Stacked Actors/Walk

    Foreigner – Blue Morning, Blue Day/Feels like the First Time/Cold as Ice/Headknocker/Juke Box Hero(Cover)

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax (Come Fighting)

    Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To/Take Me Out

    Freezepop – Brainpower/Get Ready to Rock/Less Talk More Rokk/Science Genius Girl/Sprode

    Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid/Why Do You Love Me?

    George Thorogood & The Destroyers – Bad to the Bone

    God Forbid – Empire of the Gun

    Golden Earring – Radar Love

    Good Charlotte – Girls & Boys

    Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood/Feel Good Inc./Re Hash

    The Grateful Dead – Alabama Getaway

    Green Day Rock Band Import – Brain Stew+Jaded/Geek Stink Breath/Minority/Warning/Song of the Century/21st Century Breakdown/Know Your Enemy/Viva La Gloria/Before the Lobotomy/ Christian’s Inferno/Last Night on Earth/East Jesus Nowhere/Peacemaker/Last of the American Girls/Murder City/Viva La Gloria?(Little Girl)/Restless Heart Syndrome/Horseshoes and Handgrenades/ The Static Age/21 Guns/American Eulogy/See the Light/American Idiot/Jesus of Suburbia/Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Are We Waiting+St. Jimmy/Give Me Novacaine+She’s a Rebel/Extraordinary Girl/Letterbomb/Wake Me Up When September Ends/Homecoming/Whatsername/Burnout/Having a Blast/Chump/Longview/Welcome to Paradise/Pulling Teeth/Basket Case/She/Sassafras Roots/When I Come Around/Coming Clean/Emenius Sleepus/In The End/F.O.D./Nice Guys Finish Last/Hitchin’ A Ride/Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)

    The Guess Who – American Woman

    Guns N’ Roses – Better/Shackler’s Revenger

    The Hives – Die, All Right!/Main Offender/Tick Tick Boom

    Honest Bob and the Factory To Dealer Incentives – I Get By

    Huey Lewis and the News – The Power of Love

    The Human League – Don’t You Want Me

    Hypernova – Viva La Resistance

    Iron Maiden – Aces High(Live)/2 Minutes to Midnight/The Trooper/Wasted Years/The Number of the Beast/Run to the Hills/Can I Play with Madness/The Clairvoyant/Powerslave/Fear of the Dark(Live)/Hallowed Be They Name(Live)/Iron Maiden(Live)

    IWRESTLEDABEARONCE – Tastes Like Kevin Bacon/You Ain’t No Family

    The J. Geils Band – Centerfold

    The Jackson 5 – ABC/I Want You Back

    James Brown – Get Up(I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine/I Got You(I Feel Good)

    Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing/Mountain Song

    Janis Joplin – Piece of My Heart

    Jason Aldean – She’s Country

    Jefferson Airplane – Don’t You Want Somebody to Love/White Rabbit

    Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Crosstown Traffic/Fire/Up From the Skies/Spanish Castle Magic/Wait Until Tomorrow/Ain’t No Telling/Little Wing/If 6 Was 9/You Got Me Floatin’/Castles Made of Sand/She’s So Fine/One Rainy Wish/Little Miss Lover/Bold as Love

    Jimmy Buffett – Cheeseburger in Paradise/Margaritaville/Volcano

    Jimmy Eat World – Futures/Lucky Denver Mint/My Best Theory/Pain/Bleed American/The Middle/Sweetness

    Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Love Rock N’ Roll

    Job for a Cowboy – Embedded

    John & Yoko, The Plastic Ono Band – Happy Xmas(War is Over)

    Johnny Cash – Cry, Cry, Cry/Don’t Take Your Guns to Town/Five Feet High and Rising/Folsom Prison Blues/I Got Stripes/I Walk the Line/Tennessee Flat Top Box/The Ballad of Ira Hayes

    Jonathan Coultan – Betty and Me/Re: Your Brains/Skullcrusher Mountain

    Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

    Judas Priest – Painkiller/You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

    Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son

    Kataklysm – Numb & Intoxicated

    Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine

    Keith Urban – I Told You So

    Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

    The Killers – Mr. Brightside/Smile Like You Mean It/Spaceman/When You Were Young

    Killswitch Engage – My Curse

    Kings of Leon – Crawl/Molly’s Chambers/Sex on Fire

    The Knack(Cover) – My Sharona

    KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See

    Lacuna Coil – Closer/Our Truth/Swamped

    Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

    Lady Gaga – Bad Romance/Just Dance/Monster/Poker Face

    Lamb of God – Laid to Rest

    Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way

    Libyans – Welcome to the Neighborhood

    Lights Resolve – Dreaming of Love

    Linkin Park – Numb/Somewhere I Belong/Waiting for the End/What I’ve Done/One Step Closer/Crawling/In The End

    LostProphets – Rooftops(A Liberation Broadcast)

    Lynyrd Skynyrd – Saturday Night Special/Sweet Home Alabama(Live)/What’s Your Name?/Tuesday’s Gone/Gimme Three Steps/Simple Man/Free Bird

    The Main Drag – A Jagged Gorgeous Winter

    Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People/Disposable Teens/The Dope Show

    Martina McBride – This One’s for the Girls

    Mastodon – Blood and Thunder/Colony of Birchmen/Megalodon

    The Material – Moving to Seattle

    Meat Loaf – Paradise by the Dashboard Light

    Megadeth – Wake Up Dead/The Conjuring/Peace Sells/Devil’s Island/Good Mourning+Black Friday/Bad Omen/I Ain’t Superstitious/My Last Words/Holy Wars…The Punishment Due/Hangar 18/Take No Prisoners/Five Magics/Poison Was the Cure/Lucretia/Tornado of Souls/Dawn Patrol/Rust in Peace…Polaris

    Metallica – …And Justice for All/Blackened/Ride the Lightning

    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Where’d You Go?

    Ministry – Cuz U R Next/The Great Satan/LiesLiesLies

    Miranda Cosgrove – Headphones On

    Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’ With Disaster

    The Monkees(Cover) – Last Train to Clarksville

    The Mother Hips – Time We Had

    Motorhead – Ace of Spades 󈧌

    Mountain(Cover) – Mississippi Queen

    The Muffs – Kids in American/Outer Space

    My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

    Motley Crue – Dr. Feelgood/Face Down in the Dirt/Kickstart my Heart/Saints of Los Angeles

    The New Pornographers – Electric Version

    Night Ranger – Sister Christian

    Nine Inch Nails – Burn/Capital G/The Collector/The Hand That Feeds/Last/March of the Pigs/The Perfect Drug

    Nirvana – Come As You Are(Live MTV Unplugged)/Lithium(Live at Reading)/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/In Bloom/Breed/Polly/Territorial Pissings/Drain You/Lounge Act/Stay Away/On a Plain/Something in the Way

    No Doubt – Just a Girl/It’s My Life/Hey Baby/Bathwater/Sunday Morning/Hella Good/Underneath It All/Excuse Me Mr./Running/Spiderwebs/Simple Kind of Life/Don’t Speak/Ex-Girlfriend

    Norman Greenbaum – Spirit in the Sky

    Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger/Live Forever/Wonderwall

    The Offspring – All I Want/Come Out and Play(Keep ‘Em Separated)/Gone Away/Hammerhead/The Kids Aren’t Alright/Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)/Self Esteem

    OK Go – Here it Goes Again/Shooting the Moon

    Orianthi – According to You

    Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Babies/Crazy Train/I Don’t Wanna Stop/No More Tears/Let Me Hear You Scream/Soul Sucker/Diggin’ Me Down/Bark at the Moon/Diary of a Madman/Flying High Again/I Don’t Know/Mama, I’m Coming Home/Mr. Crowley/Over the Mountain/Steal Away (The Night)

    Panic at the Disco – Nine in the Afternoon

    Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone/I’m Broken/Mouth for War/Walk

    Paramore – That’s What You Get/Misery Business/Crushcrushcrush

    Pat Benatar – Heartbreaker/Hit Me With Your Best Shot

    Paul McCartney – Maybe I’m Amazed/Jet(Live)/Sing the Changes(Live)/Band on the Run(Live)

    Paul McCartney & Wings – Band on the Run/Let Me Roll It/Helen Wheels

    Pearl Jam – Even Flow/Alive/Black/Jeremy/Master Slave

    Pixies – Debaser/Tame/Wave of Mutilation/I Bleed/Here Comes Your Man/Dead/Monkey Gone to Heaven/Mr. Grieves/Crackity Jones/La La Love You/No. 13 Baby/There Goes My Gun/Hey/Silver/Gouge Away

    The Police – Don’t Stand So Close to Me/Every Little Thing She Does in Magic/Message in a Bottle/Synchronicity II/Next to You/Roxanne/Can’t Stand Losing You/Every Breath You Take/So Lonely

    The Presidents of the United States of America – Lump

    Pretty Girls Make Graves – Something Bigger, Something Brighter

    Primus – Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

    Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale

    The Project Hate MCMXCIX – Descend into the Enteral Pits of Possesion

    Puddle of Mud – She Hates Me/Blurry/Control

    Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody/Fat Bottomed Girls/I Want it All/Keep Yourself Alive/One Vision/Under Pressure/Tie Your Mother Down/Somebody to Love/We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions/Killer Queen/Tenement Funster/Now I’m Here/Play the Game/Another One Bites the Dust/Crazy Little Thing Called Love/I Want to Break Free/Hammer to Fall

    Queens of the Stone Age – 3’s & 7’s/Go with the Flow/Little Sister/No One Knows/Sick, Sick, Sick

    R.E.M. – Losing My Religion/Orange Crush/It’s The End of the World as we Know It

    Radiohead – Creep/My Iron Lung

    Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade/Guerilla Radio/Tesitfy

    Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop/I Wanna Be Sedated/Rock ‘n’ Roll High School/Rockaway Beach

    Rascal Flatts – Life is a Highway

    The Raveonettes – Last Dance

    Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

    Razorlight – Stumble and Falls

    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow((Hey Oh))/Under the Bridge/Naked in the Rain/Apache Rose Peacock/The Greeting Song/My Lovely Man/Sir Pyscho Sexy/They’re Red Hot

    The Replacements – Alex Chilton

    Rilo Kiley – Portions for Foxes

    Rise Against – Give it All/Prayer of the Refugee/Re Education(Through Labor)/Savior/The good Left Undone/Audience of One/Help is on the Way

    Riverboat Gamblers – Don’t Bury Me…I’m Still Not Dead

    Rob Zombie – Burn/Dragula/Superbeast

    The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

    Ronald Jenkees – Guitar Sound

    Roy Orbinson – Oh, Pretty Woman

    Rush – Closer to the Heart/The Trees/Working Man/Tom Sawyer/Red Barchetta/YYZ/Limelight/The Camera Eye/Witch Hunt(Part III of Fear)/Vital Signs/Subdivisions

    Santana – Black Magic Woman

    Scars on Broadway – They Saw

    Shania Twain – Any Man of Mine

    The Shins – Australia/New Slang

    Silversun Pickups – Melatonin/Well Thought Out Twinkles/Lazy Eye

    Simon & Garfunkel – I Am a Rock/The Sounds of Silence

    Sixx: A.M. – Life is Beautiful

    Slipknot – Before I Forget/Duality/Psychosocial/Sulfur

    Smash Mouth – All Star/Walking on the Sun

    Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock/Siva/Today/Zero

    The Smiths – Stop Me if You Think You’ve Heard This Before

    Snoop Dogg – Beautiful/Drop It Like It’s Hot/Sensual Seduction/Ridin’ in My Chevy/That’s tha Homie/Tha Shiznit/Who Am I(What’s My Name)?/Snoop’s Upside Ya Head

    Social Distortion – I Was Wrong

    Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot

    Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose/Pretty Noose

    The Sounds – Living in America

    Spacehog – In the Meantime

    Speck – Conventional Lover

    Spin Doctors – Two Princes

    Spinal Tap – Short and Sweet

    Stephen and the Colberts – Charlene(I’m Right Behind You)

    Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel – Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

    Steve Miller Band – The Joker/Space Cowboy/Rock’n Me/Fly Like an Eagle/Take the Money and Run

    Stevie Nicks – Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – Pride and Joy/Texas Flood/Mary Had a Little Lamb

    Stone Sour – Made of Scars/Say You’ll Haunt Me/Through Glass

    Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song/Plush/Sex Type Thing/Vasoline

    Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

    Sweet(Cover) – Ballroom Blitz

    Swingin’ Utters – This Bastard’s Life

    System of a Down – B.Y.O.B./Chop Suey/Toxicity/Aerials

    T. Rex – 20th Century Boy/Ride a White Swan

    Talking Heads – Burning Down the House/Psycho Killer

    Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    Tenacious D – Master Exploder/Tribute/The Metal

    Testament – Electric Crown/Souls of Black/More Than Meets the Eye/Henchmen Ride

    That Handsome Devil – Rob the Prez O Dent

    Them Crooked Vultures – Dead End Friends/New Fang

    Them Terribles – Bullets & Guns

    Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak(Live)/Cowboy Song(Live)/The Boys Are Back in Town(Live)

    Third Eye Blind – Semi Charmed Life 󈧍

    Timmy & the Lords of the Underworld – Timmy & the Lords of the Underworld

    Tokio Hotel – Humanoid/Monsoon

    Tom Petty – Free Fallin’/I Won’t Back Down/Runnin’ Down a Dream

    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – I Need to Know/Even the Losers(Live)/Here Comes My Girl(Live)/A Thing About You(Live)/Refugee(Live)/Mary Jane’s Last Dance(Live)/American Girl(Live)

    Tommy Tutone – 867-5309(Jenny)

    TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me

    Unearth – We are Not Anonymous

    Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London

    We the Kings – Check Yes Juliet

    Weezer – Beverly Hills/El Scorcho/My Name is Jonas/Buddy Holly/Undone The Sweater Song/Say It Ain’t So/Troublemaker/The Greatest Man That Ever Live/Pork and Beans/Dreamin’

    The White Stripes – Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground/Fell in Love with a Girl/Icky Thump/You Don’t Know What Love Is(You Just Do as You’re Told)/Seven Nation Army/The Hardest Button to Button/Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine

    White Zombie – More Human Than Human

    Whitechapel – This Is Exile

    Whitesnake – Here I Go Again

    White Zombie – Black Sunshine

    The Who – Amazing Journey/Eminence Front/I Can See for Miles/Leaving Here/Pinball Wizard/Real good Looking Boy/Sea and Sand/Who Are You/The Super Bowl Mashup/Young Man Blues(Live at Leeds)/Summertime Blues(Live at Leeds)/My Generation(Live at Leeds)/Baba O’Riley/Going Mobile/Behind Blue Eyes/Won’t Get Fooled Again

    Watch the video: The Daleks enter the TARDIS. Doctor Who: Revolution Of The Daleks Clip (May 2022).


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